So much better! + Coop & his hat obsession + weekend fun!

I am FINALLY feeling better since weaning! I’m still sore, but improving every single day. So. Thankful!

Bikes and backward hats – he’s definitely Jake Bradley’s son.

I had a 90-minute workout on the schedule Wednesday afternoon. My boobs were still bothering me from wearing, so I threw on a tight bra and hopped on the treadmill. I didn’t get the entire thing in, but I managed to run five miles, so I was happy about that.

Dinner Wednesday night was farro with beets and spinach, topped with ground beef, toast, and salad. It was amazing.

Just some random puppy wrestling after dinner…we’re lucky Rhea is the most patient dog in the world. Ha! Coop is always climbing all over her.

He spied one of my hats in the hallway and decided he needed to wear it. I gotta say, he looks better in it than I do…

This is giving me ‘Chelsea in her 20s leaving the bar at 1am’ vibes. Ha!

I submitted my final grades Wednesday evening, so I am officially on summer break! For about two weeks, because I teach summer courses, but it’ll be nice to have some time off and NO meetings all summer! We decided to get out of the house for a bit.

My sister had her gallbladder taken out this week. We ran to the store to get her a couple of things and we saw this get well balloon. Cooper sat in the cart and hit me in the head with it the entire time we shopped.

Last tuna wrap of the week. YUM.

I love our Thursday date nights out! Jake’s parents joined us last night and we had the best time.

Cooper inhaled his dinner. I couldn’t cut things up fast enough!

Post family dinner play time before bed.

Walked in on this this morning…yes, that’s a toy car in the toilet. SOS.

We have Coop’s little buddy’s first birthday this weekend and I am so excited. Coop can’t wait to celebrate him!

If this weekend is hard for you, please know I am thinking about you and sending you a massive hug. I know nothing I say can make it any better, but just do whatever you need to protect your heart. Mother’s Day was always a hard weekend for me when we were battling infertility. And while I feel beyond blessed to have Cooper, my heart always aches a little bit for the babies we lost. Hugs.

Happy Friday, friends!

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