Weekend Wrap-up: last big week + birthday fun + Mother’s Day

When Jake got off work Friday, we met him for a beer at 4 By 4. It was the best way to kick off Mother’s Day weekend.

Jake’s dad smoked a bunch of ribs and gave us an entire rack. I was so thankful because I didn’t have to make dinner Friday night! They were delicious, too. Thank you, Jeff!

These two always crack me up when they play. Jake crawled into Coop’s ball pit, which Coop thought was hilarious. They played in here for about 20 minutes.

I had two two hour runs on the schedule for this weekend – it was my last big week before tapering starts for my race. I am two weeks out from my 50k, which seems crazy! I can’t believe it. I ran an hour with Rhea both days, then dropped her off at the house since it started to get warm.

Kayla joined me for an hour on Saturday. I loved having the company!

I ended with 12 miles for the day on Saturday. I felt pretty solid this entire run. I definitely didn’t make the progress I wanted to make. Don’t get me wrong, I am ready for the race, thanks to my coach, but I think I had big expectations and didn’t realize how postpartum and weaning would affect me. BUT, that’s okay! I am excited for my race and proud of what I have done this training cycle.

After my run, Jake headed out for a ride, and Coop and I got ready for his friend, Jett’s, first birthday party!!

Jett had Ms. Rachel on when we got to his house, so Coop was pretty smitten.

Gosh, I love having a bestie with a little boy close to Coop’s age. It was so fun celebrating Jett-man. We sure love you, kiddo!

When it’s nap time during a party, you steal the birthday boy’s bedroom for a little bit.

My world.

We lucked out with Chris and Britt as friends. These two are something else…

Sunday morning started with another two hour run. It got super hot and Rhea was over it, so we took a few breaks while we headed back to the house so I could drop her off.

Then I headed back out to finish up my miles!

This run was slower than I wanted, but I was tired from Saturday and just enjoyed listening to a podcast while I ran. This was a big weekend of 23 miles for me.

We had everyone over for dinner last night. I think we had about 20 people? It’s always chaotic and so fun. I failed to take any pictures – I was bummed. Thankfully, Jake’s sister snapped a few. Gosh, I love being this kid’s mom. Please ignore our backyard work in progress…we haven’t tackled this landscaping yet. Obviously…

My sister and Ford came over for a little bit today. Coop loves his baby cousin. A lot. He kept giving her kisses and trying to climb on her. Ha!

Happy Monday, friends!

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