IVF update + hair fun + enjoying the sunshine!

Coop took a car nap on Monday while I sipped coffee, answered emails, and wrote my blog.

God bless leftovers. Jake grilled a bunch of burgers for Mother’s Day, so we’ve been eating on them all week for lunch. They’re delicious.

We are jumping back into IVF! I met with our clinic Monday to chat about our second transfer. We are both feeling all the things, mostly excited and nervous. Our conversation didn’t exactly go as planned – long story short, we purchased a package from our clinic that included two transfers. One was Coop, and we have been saving the second one for our baby on ice. During my call with the clinic, I found out our transfers had expired. Neither Jake, nor myself remembered this, but it was in the contract we had signed, so we must have just missed it somehow. We were both pretty upset, but there’s nothing we can do, so trying to let it go and just move forward. But before we got to that headspace, I definitely cried a few times. Not only do we owe quite a bit more for this round, but we are also starting things MUCH sooner than I anticipated. It all feels slightly overwhelming at the moment, but we are ready. Or as ready as we can be! (Updated because I got a few questions – we can still do our transfer! We just have to pay for it all out of packet rather than it being what was included in our package originally.)

After hearing that we owed about $7,000-8,000 for this next transfer, and that we are starting things as soon as I get my period this month, I had a little bit of a breakdown. I am just now starting to feel like myself and like my hormones are starting to level out. After over a year of IVF meds, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and now weaning, I feel like everything has been so out of whack for three years. I was excited to have some time just to let my body heal, but it’s not going to happen right now. I’m not complaining at all, this is what I want to do, but I definitely thought I’d have a little more time. Sometimes you just need a good cry!

Little man took another car nap on Tuesday. This one lasted an hour and half! Ha! I love his chins in this picture.

I have not gotten my hair done in a LOOOONG time, so it was much needed. Here’s a little before…plus four days of not washing it…

So. Much. Better!

I put off my run last night until about 7:30 PM. I never do that. I got 45 minutes out of the 60 that were planned and called it quits because I got super hungry. Better than nothing!

Remember when I was pregnant and living off of anything Wickles? Well, I still had a bunch of the stuff they sent me in our pantry. I just found it and have been chowing down. This okra is SO good.

We had the most random massive salad for dinner and it was incredible. Buffalo chicken on top – YUM.

Just drinking tea and planning out our future office space before bed last night. We are both very ready to knock out a few more home projects.

A little Wednesday morning book reading.

Recovery miles for me while Coop napped in the stroller this morning.

We played at the park for a little bit this afternoon before having lunch with my mom and sister at my sister’s house. The cousins played like crazy, which is always fun to watch.

Coop just went down for a nap, so I’m going to knock out some things around the house!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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    • papersandpavement

      Oh, sorry if that was confusing. We can still do our transfer! We just have to pay for it all out of packet rather than it being what was included in our package originally. A lot of clinics do everything a la carte, including ours, but ours also has package options, so that is what we ended up going in 2020. Does that make more sense?

  1. Georgia

    Your open and honest sharing n IVF is so beautiful. Knowing your own hearts and sharing for others is really a gift. Be Blessed. Prayers.

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