Sushi overdose? + goofball + weekend plans

Coop is loving naps in his infant car seat. He’s close to outgrowing this, so we’re soaking it up while we can. I know he’s not supposed to nap in this, but it’s what’s working for us, so I’m going with it!

We did a little Jeepin’ Wednesday night waiting for Jake to get home from work.

Jake golfs in a men’s league every Wednesday night. Sushi sounded so good to me, so I got a party platter from Sam’s with my grocery delivery. I told Jake I’d share it with him when he got home from golf. I ended up inhaling this entire thing…20 pieces. It was amazing, but I was miserable after. Can one overdose on sushi?? Woof. It took about two hours for me to feel better. Jake ended up eating at Millwood after golf….my bad.

This is the smile I got when I asked him if he wanted to take a bath after dinner. He LOVES baths.

He also loves pooping in the tub…I’m ready for him to outgrow that one!

Breakfast Thursday morning was this deliciousness…I ate about half of this before the dogs polished it off. I was not happy. I went to switch out laundry and when I came back, my food was gone. They never do that kind of stuff, so they got in huge trouble.

We did a little bit of reading before heading out for my workout run. I have a knee that’s bothering me, so I ended up walking most of my run. Not ideal during a taper, but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Another garage sale find – a wooden train. Coop loves this thing.

Dinner Thursday night was pasta and salad. This hit the spot. Jake ended up working late and I didn’t eat until Coop went to bed, so I got to sit on the couch and watch Friends while I enjoyed all of this. It was very relaxing!

A little eating and a little playing with his breakfast today…HA! The blueberry on his nose cracks me up.

Just some family snuggles in bed while mom and dad try to drink coffee without spilling it everywhere…

I am ready for a fun, relaxing weekend. Since I’m tapering, I don’t have any long runs until my race, so I feel like I have all kinds of extra time on the weekend now. I only have an hour run one day and a 30 minute run the next! What should I do with all that free time?!

Happy Friday, friends!

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