Weekend Wrap-up: Jake’s race + a mini reunion + anniversary week!

Friday morning, we had Coop’s 15 month check-up. He devoured puffs the whole time.

Jake left Friday for AR. He had a hundred mile bike race on Saturday. Coop and I ended up staying home, which we were bummed about, but that allowed me to go to a graduation party for a friend I hadn’t seen in forever, so I was excited about that! My sister watched Coop for me for a little bit so I could just sit and enjoy some downtime with friends. I immediately missed Coop, but loved getting to catch up with everyone.

I got to see my friend, Katie, which I always love.

And got to catch up with these amazing people!

We are so proud of you, Leanna! Leanna graduated from CRNA school.

You’re amazing, girlfriend!

Someone woke up really missing his daddy Saturday morning, so I gave him this picture to look at. He carried it all around the house and kept giving Jake smooches. It was adorable.

We met Kayla for an hour endurance run Saturday morning. The weather was beautiful!

Jake FaceTimed us right as we finished our run and Kayla snapped this picture. Jake’s race started at 8am, so he was about an hour in when he called. He was feeling pretty good. He wouldn’t normally FaceTime us during a race, but he was just doing this one for fun and said he was missing Coop. Cooper loooooves to FaceTime, so it made his morning.

After our run, we grabbed brunch at Early Bird. They have the best mimosas.

Poor Coop is getting his molars. He’s been so miserable. I hate it for him. He was pretty cranky Saturday afternoon, so we got lots of snuggles and then he went to bed VERY early.

Random leftovers make the best dinners – spaghetti, ground turkey, cheese, ranch, Sriracha, and cherry tomatoes. YUM.

We got lots of good snuggles before bed. This is my favorite thing in the entire world.

Jake got home late Saturday night. His race went well! He did the Rule of Three in Bentonville, which is 50 or 100 miles. Jake did the 100, but doesn’t seem to be too sore or anything. If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days. Ha! Sunday morning, we headed to First Watch for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went on a little drive while Cooper napped in the car, and then I knocked out a 30 minute recovery run.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a mini high school reunion. We missed our 15 year reunion, so we had an honorary 15 year meet-up. It was last-minute and not many people could show up, but we all had a blast getting to catch up. I can’t believe our next reunion will be our 20th…

Jake chased Coop around most of the day yesterday. After his 100 mile ride the day before. He’s my hero.

I. Love. Breakfast.

Rest day vibes – a little walk with Cooparoooo.

It is our five year anniversary on Friday, which seems crazy. We are celebrating Friday night…not sure how yet, but it’ll be fun!

Happy Monday, friends!

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