Poor Coop + our first pool day! + heat training?

Coop likes pretending to talk to his Daddy on this remote for a chair in our living room. It cracks me up. He calls Jake ‘Da’ or ‘Dada’, so he’ll just repeat those two words over and over again. It’s adorable.

He also loves Lu’s bed.

Lunches this week are sandwiches with chips and all the pickled things.

We got some Jeepin’ in Monday afternoon.

He kept sitting with his legs up and resting on the dash. It’s so funny to watch him play with different parts of his Jeep. He loves to move the mirrors in and out, too.

All of our plants need to be repotted. We have SO many, so it’s going to take us awhile. I tried to tackle a few of our smaller ones on Monday afternoon. I ended up turning two plants into five. Whoops. Here’s the before.

And after. I think they’re all going to be much happier. Jake fixed them so they weren’t sticking out to the sides, so they look better now! Now to tackle the other 12-15 plants we have…

IVF update – we’re starting things again! Everything in the IVF world revolves around periods. I started mine Tuesday morning, so I emailed my coordinator, who is putting things together for our mock transfer cycle. It feels so strange starting this all again, but we are excited and hopeful.

After Coop’s morning nap, we headed over to my parents’ house to swim with Eleanor.

Our first pool day of many this summer!

My parents’ pool is so relaxing. I can’t wait to spend lots of time here with my sister and her kiddos. I can’t post pictures of them on social media or my blog, but Coop and Eleanor had the best time swimming and playing together.

My sister told me to fill this little boat with some water and let Coop play in it. He loved it! Eleanor was pretending to be a mermaid. She made us call her Lemony.

I had a quick meeting after the pool yesterday, then headed out for my workout run. I’m running fairly short stuff right now as I taper for my race, so I had 45 minutes yesterday. I was glad I did it when it was warm out because there’s a fairly good chance my race will be toasty. I can’t believe my 50k is next weekend!

I had a warm-up and cool-down, with a 20 minute push in the middle. I felt pretty decent this whole run, for which I was thankful.

Poor Coop has had a pretty high fever the past two days. We thought it was from shots, but Jake’s taking him to the doctor today to rule out an ear infection. His fever got up to 104 last night, which is always scary to me. He ended up sleeping most of the night with me, so we didn’t take him to urgent care, but if he had woken up a bunch and seemed miserable, I was going to take him! Jake worked all night last night, so he’ll nap after he takes Coop to the doctor and I’m going to try and nap while they’re there. Teamwork + no sleep = parenting. Ha!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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