Weekend Wrap-up: let’s catch up + sick + a little scare

I didn’t get a blog up at all last week. Coop and I were sick, and I just didn’t have the energy to do much. We spent just about every day on the couch. Whatever respiratory flu hit us, hit us HARD.

Thank goodness for the best daddy and husband. Coop didn’t seem too miserable during the day, so he spent lots of time in the yard helping Jake while I slept.

And we had some super exciting news – we found out Cooper is getting a baby BROTHER!!

Lots and lots of couch time for us.

We got to check on baby boy #2 on Wednesday. He is growing just like he should!

Saturday morning, I got ready to leave for a fun girls’ weekend! Not only was I was so dang excited to see some of my high school besties, but this was also my very first night away from Cooper. Ever! I was a little sad to leave him and Jake, but knew they’d have the best time together. Plus, I couldn’t wait for some girlfriend time.

I think my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much. So so thankful for these lifelong friends! <3

We escaped to the lake, enjoyed a nice long walk, and then ate all the cheese while lounging on the dock. It was perfect.

Before bed, we sat around chatting and snacking while rocking these face masks. Love these girls so dang much!

I got back home Sunday afternoon, and immediately got caught up on all the snuggles I missed while I was gone.

We had quite the scare last night. Long story short – I started bleeding about 4pm on Sunday. And by 5:30, it had turned into dark red blood. We immediately went to Urgent Care to be seen. Four hours later, we found out I have a sub chorionic hemorrhage, which is what was causing my bleeding. I have never been so relieved to see our baby’s heart beating. It was a very stressful, scary few hours. I have been taking is very easy today and we will follow up on Wednesday to check on baby again.

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Becky Strzalkowski

    Hello! So glad you are on the mend! I had the same thing happen to me with my son. It is so scary, especially since I just had a miscarriage a few months before. I hemorrhaged for months with bright red blood. So scary! My son is now 8 and is very healthy. Praise God! He did show up 5 weeks before his due date. Ha I think he just likes giving me a run for my money. I share this with you to hopefully offer a little comfort. I never heard of a sub chorionic hemorrhage prior to being diagnosed with one. Just wanted to share! God bless your sweet family!

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