Got up this morning with the intention of doing a speed work with Jake, but he had some tummy stuff and I was just not feeling it, so we went back home and worked out in the garage. Looks like we will get our speed work in after work! Jake is training for a series of races in Colorado, yes, he is crazy. So I had been doing some of his workouts with him…when I can! Today we have 800s on the track. I haven’t gotten to run on a track in FOREVER, so I’m kind of looking forward to it! I had Sriracha on my lunch (of course) and that always upsets my stomach if I workout after I have it, so we will see how that goes today! Just enjoying some pre-run coffee before our run Wednesday morning! I have a hard time functioning without caffeine…it’s not pretty. 


Lulu is the ultimate photobomber. Gotta love her!


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