Rainy + windy run + comps!

I have a 15k this weekend, so I’m going to be tapering off on my runs this week. I ran 5 this morning – it was wet and windy! I had trouble getting out of bed this morning, so I didn’t have any coffee before I ran. I definitely felt sluggish because of that! I can’t seem to function AT ALL without coffee. My hip was bothering me a little, so I foam rolled for awhile after my run – it hurts so good. I’m planning to go to yoga after school today, I can tell that I need a good stretch!


I am currently working on the FINAL task for my comprehensive exam. I had three tasks to complete, and they’re due each month. I received all three on December 23rd and have been working on them ever since, turning them in on the 23rd of each month. I turn my last one in on March 23rd, then have two weeks to prepare to defend them to my dissertation committee. I’m pretty dang nervous. After I pass comps, I will immediately start on my dissertation. I am SO ready to have my weekends back and have the freedom to do things other than homework and/or catching up on grading. I am getting so close to being finished, so I can see the light, which definitely helps! 


Lunch was a crazy mixture that I wasn’t quite sure about, but holy heck it was good! Chicken breast cooked with pineapple and coconut aminos, spinach, onion, brussel sprouts, beets, and of course – Sriracha! <3 It was seriously delicious! 


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