Fall clothes + pup runs + track time!

Rhea hasn’t quite grasped the selfie like Lulu has. I guess I will cut her some slack…Lu does have six years of selfies with me under her belt. ; ) Rhea will get there. We knocked out 3 miles together Monday morning.


After Rhea and I finished our miles, I dropped her off and grabbed Lu. Lu and I ran a mile together. Lu used to be the worst on a leash, but Jake worked with her for like 3 days and now she is amazing. He’s just 1 million times better than I am at training dogs. There’s nothing better than post-run smooches.


Friends, this quiche is amazing. The recipe is HERE. It is not dry at all and it was a pretty quick recipe to prep. We will definitely be making this again.


There was a big meeting in my office yesterday, so all of the coaches had to go find somewhere else to work. I spent some time in the library, but then some classes came in and it was crazy noisy. I had a meeting out of the building later in the afternoon, so I just left school and hit up a coffee shop to do my work. It was wonderful. I got so much work finished.


I think fall clothes are my favorite. I love sweaters and booties, so this weather makes my heart so happy. Side-note, I got this shirt and this long sweater at Walmart. They are both so comfortable. Do you ever just walk through Walmart and see an article of clothing that you just can’t live without? This is the reason I do grocery pick-up. Otherwise, I would come home with a new wardrobe every time I went to the store.


Lunch was taco pasta. They provided lunch for us at the meeting, but I had already prepped and brought my lunch with me, so I went ahead and ate it. Plus, this taco pasta is delicious. Recipe HERE.


They did have chips for our lunches, which I can’t turn down. Chips are definitely a weakness of mine. These were crazy delicious.


I stopped by my Grandma’s house on my way home. She was pretty out of it and having trouble putting her thoughts together. She would start telling me something and then completely lose her train of thought. My Mom said she had been sleeping most of the day, so I was glad I got to spend a little bit of time with her while she was awake. I had a little online class I took last night, so I didn’t get to stay with my Grandma for very long. When I told her I had to leave, she stuck out her bottom lip and asked me why. I explained what I was doing, told her I loved her, and gave her a hug. She kept asking me why I was leaving and she would pout about it. This happened 4 or 5 times. It was definitely hard to leave her. I think as soon as I left, she went back to sleep.

Dinner last night was chicken and mushrooms with wild rice. I had thrown this in the crockpot before leaving to go to school Monday morning.


We knocked out a track workout this morning. We did 400s, which I hadn’t done in a long time. We met at my house, ran a 2 mile warm-up to the track, then knocked out some track work, then ran back to my house as a cool down. Here is the work out we ended up doing. Our pace was more like 6:00 per mile for those 400s. I felt really good until the 4th one, and I had to fight throwing up the 5th and 6th. WOOF. But it felt good to be back at the track. 


Kayla was with us, too, but she left before we took our picture because she didn’t need the work out. I love that we keep adding to our group. Becca has joined us for a couple of runs and she is awesome. She’s in the middle of this picture. : )


I have a meeting after school tonight, so I am really looking forward to that. I won’t get by to see my Grandma again until Wednesday. I will keep everyone updated on how she is doing. As always, thank you for your prayers and kind words!

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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