The best surprise + Kayla’s birthday miles + not feeling it.

One of the best memories ever popped up yesterday. Last year in December, I graduated with my doctorate and Jake and my parents went in on a huge graduation present for me. They got me the treadmill of my dreams. When Jake left for work that morning, he told me he was expecting a delivery of shoes and asked if I would be home to sign for it. So you can imagine my surprise when I see a massive semi pulling down our street. When the delivery guy got to our front door, he asked if I was Chelsea Bradley and if I was expecting a delivery. I said yes I think it’s a pair of shoes. There were crickets. He laughed and was like, hmmm I think it’s a little bit bigger than shoes. He had me follow him to the truck and when he opened it, there was a huge box with my treadmill. I was ecstatic and SO surprised. You can read about it HERE. It was the best day!


I am loving this lunch. It is two tilapia fillets with beets and brussels sprouts. It definitely fills me up. I lather it in Cholula, too, just for good measure.


 After school yesterday I came home, changed into my comfy sweats, and started on laundry. In-between doing laundry, I vacuumed, did a little lifting work out, and picked up around the house. I also made sure to get some relaxation time with my girls.


Dinner was one of our favorites. A sweet potato topped with spinach, chicken, barbecue sauce, and goat cheese. I think we could eat this meal once a week. It’s so good and so easy to make.


I finished vacuuming and put the vacuum away, then walked out to this in our living room. Rhea will not stop getting into my plants. I was not happy.


Jake got me this beer to try. It’s peanut butter and chocolate. I had about two sips of it and had to dump it out. It’s a little too much for me.


Maybe one day I won’t break out…


How cute are these two? Jake was at a meeting until late last night, so us three girls took over the bed.


Jordan and I met early this morning to get in two miles before meeting the rest of the girls to run our normal six. Today is Kayla’s birthday, so we celebrated her with each mile! She wanted to take some gangster pictures afterwards, so here are our attempts, with a normal one at the end. HA!


I usually leave before Jake in the mornings, but he left first this morning. I think it threw Rhea off her schedule, because she immediately went into her kennel. That or she was just ready for me to leave since I mean and won’t let her eat my plants. ; )


Today is my Friday. I am taking tomorrow off to do some funeral things for my Grandma. I think it will be good for all of us to celebrate her life over the weekend. <3

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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