Weekend Wrap-up!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We ended up not getting all the ice they thought we would on Friday, so we had school. A bunch of the learning coaches were out sick, so I had the office to myself most of the day. It was strange working in there by myself when there are usually 5 other women in there. I spent most of the day working on my computer. I had lunch at some point – the last of our chicken and potato casserole. Mmm.


Our office was FREEZING all day Friday. The heat wasn’t working, so I borrowed one of the coach’s space heaters. It was a game changer.


After work on Friday, we met my family to help my aunt and uncle load up some furniture at my Grandma’s house, then we met Cassie and Jesse at Galloway for dinner. These two traveled the world for a month and a half, so we were excited to hear their stories and spend some time with them. You can’t take Jesse and Jake anywhere…this is what they did to ruin our picture. HA!


I had planned to get up early Saturday and run, but my body was SO worn out. That flu last week really kicked my butt. I bailed on the run and ended up sleeping in until 9AM, which was 11 hours of sleep. I think I needed it. The girls stayed close by my side all morning. img_7622

I knew I wanted to get in a run in at some point, so I had some oats with an egg, peanut butter, and brown sugar. The peanut butter ended up making me feel kind of sick to my stomach during my run, but other than that, this meal sits okay for me.


After breakfast, I headed to grocery pick-up looking VERY fashionable. Penguin jam jams and Uggs.


I unloaded all the groceries, then headed to my parents’ to use their treadmill. It was cold and windy outside and with how rundown I was feeling, I just didn’t want to deal with that. We still hadn’t gotten my treadmill hooked up – we had two-prong outlets in our office, which is where my treadmill is, and we needed three-prong. While I was at my parents’, Jake rewired our office. By the time I got home, my treadmill was up and ready to go!

My Dad has turned their workout area into the ultimate Hawkeye lounge. I always turn on the neon sign when I’m down there. Thank for letting me take over the Man Cave, Dad! I still wasn’t feeling all that great, so I ran 3 miles and did a lifting workout. I could tell my body was still pretty weak.


Someone got to ride along with me to my parents’ house. She was pretty stoked.


I came home to a Nuun delivery! YAY! I love adding these tablets to my water throughout the day, especially with marathon training – I feel like these keep me healthy and full of electrolytes.


I was still feeling pretty worn out Saturday night, so we ordered Papa John’s pizza. It was delicious. I haven’t been feeling like I can stomach spicy things, so we kept the jalapeƱos on Jake’s half. Stupid flu – taking away my love of spice.


A very wild Saturday night. This is EXACTLY what I wanted: pizza and Netflix. Question for you – whenever you have the flu or another sickness, do you ever feel like your tastebuds change? Like, what used to sound good before you were sick doesn’t sound good after? It always happens to me! It’s so weird. Right now, the thought of a beer makes me nauseated, but I have been craving ciders, which is not something I usually want. It’s just so strange! I wasn’t sure if that happened to anyone else or if I’m just crazy…


This sass.


This is why I love to share! It’s so exciting when my people find things that work for them.


We are having Paleo Chicken Pot Pie for lunches this week. This meal took a little more work than I usually put into meal prep, I like quick and easy, but this sounded good and I think it’s going to be delicious. I followed THIS recipe.


While I meal prepped Sunday morning, I also had a little breakfast. I stuck with sourdough toast with butter and honey since I knew I wanted to attempt a long run.


Isn’t she so beautiful?! It was another windy and cold morning, so I hopped on the treadmill. This set-up is AMAZING. I watched Private Practice and just ran. I kept the pace easy and just enjoyed the miles.


I am so thankful that Jake got this all set-up for me. I see a lot of miles happening here. This treadmill was a graduation gift from Jake and my parents. You can read all about it HERE. It was the BEST day.


I knocked out 10 easy pace miles and it felt SO good. When I finished, I felt like I had done maybe 5, so I know my body is almost back from the flu. Thank goodness.


After my run, we went over to our friends’ house – Chris and Brittany – to watch the Chiefs game. Britt made the most delicious Paleo Chili. I added cheese, sour cream, and Doritos to make it NOT Paleo, HA, but it was so, soooo good.


Another day, another cider craving.


I got lots of cuddles from this cutie.


Real mature, boys. Real mature.


After watching the game, we came home to make dinner. We had wings in the AirFryer and a salad. img_7701

After dinner, I finished meal prepping. I baked our Paleo Chicken Pot Pie and let it cool so I could put it into containers. It smelled so good.


After I finished prepping, we watched an episode of Dirty John, then headed to bed. I THINK I am almost totally back to normal after having the flu. At bed time, I told Jake that this time last week I was getting the flu. I am extra thankful for my health right now! The flu is miserable.

I am off work today, so I’m going to take it easy, work around the house, and get a little workout in later.

Happy Monday, friends!

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