Amazon finds + motivated + exciting race news!

Another day, another smoothie. We added rolled oats to our smoothies for the week. YUM.


I had a bunch of different meetings yesterday, so the day was kind of crazy. I took a break for lunch around noon – orange chicken, broccoli, and applesauce.


After school, I vacuumed and cleaned up our kitchen. I’ve been trying to clean at least one thing each day. That really helps to keep things picked up and cuts down on how much time I have to spend cleaning the house. I like not having to clean everything at once. I had a meeting yesterday evening, so I ate an early dinner before going. Tilapia filets and a cheese and spinach quesadilla. It was delicious.


I spent some time using my lacrosse ball and foam rolling while watching Netflix.


After my meeting, it was back home to cuddle with Jake and our pups. Lu was pretty excited I was home.


I am feeling motivated now that I am healthy and I think I have found my next big race! I have a 15k coming up in March and a half in April, but I THINK I am going to sign-up for the War Eagle 50k in June. You can read more about it HERE. I have heard great things about this – my friend, Alex, is going to do it, too, so I think it’ll be a blast! I want to get two long runs in before I sign-up. I want to make sure that my foot is healed and ready to go.

I have some more fun Amazon find to share with you! Just click on the picture for each item if you want to see more information. This is the electric blanket I got a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. It’s SO cozy and gets super warm. I love that it has different levels of heat, too.

I have shared before that I don’t like going to the salon to get my nails done, but I like having my nails done. It’s a real struggle. I used to use regular polish or shellac at home, but neither of them lasted very long. I finally got some dip powder and have been SO impressed. It took a few times to learn how it worked best, but I think I have finally figured it out. Here’s a starter kit, if anyone is interested in it. You little just paint a primer on, then paint on the adhesive, dip your finger into the powder, and repeat until it covers like you would like. I usually dip once, use a big brush to wipe off excessive powder, then paint and dip again. It’s seriously SO easy to use!

Here’s another started kit with different colors. You can also order separate dip powders. I got a started kit and then have been adding colors to my collection.

The one thing that is the biggest help is using a square nail file to smooth out the dip powder after your last time dipping. I use this just like the salons use their electric file – it does the exact same thing and I am able to get the powder right next to my cuticle to line up flush with my nail. I LOVE using this stuff at home.

I have shared this before, but this spearmint tea is a game changer for acid reflux. I had a reader share this with me a few years ago when I was really suffering from some terrible acid reflux. I have used it ever since and swear by it. I always have some on hand at home.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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