Baby muscles + my special chicken + back with my girls!

I made the best dipping sauce yesterday. A little bit of plain Greek yogurt, Sriracha, and some of the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. Mix it all together and chow down. I dipped Nut Thins in mine and it was incredible.


I had a meeting before school on Wednesday, so I knocked out 3 miles when I got back home. I have been using my treadmill a lot lately and I am so thankful for such a nice one. I love how comfortable it is. I have THIS treadmill. You can read all about when I was surprised by it showing up on our door HERE. It was one of the best days!


I also lifted a little bit after my run. It was leg day, but I am finally getting some of my baby muscles back. I have lost a lot of my muscle since I went a pretty long time without lifting. Lesson learned…don’t stop lifting!


The second my yoga mat goes out on the floor, this one thinks it is hers. She’s lucky she’s cute…I don’t mind sharing with her.


I shared HERE about the dip powder I use at home on my nails. I had a couple of questions about what it looked like, so here’s a picture of my nails. This is the best salon quality nail stuff I have found that I can use at home. I had just filed everything down, which is why the skin around my nails look so rough. I always use cuticle oil when I am finished, I just hadn’t put any on yet when I took this picture.


One of our favorite meals made an appearance last night. Baked sweet potatoes covered with spinach, my special chicken, goat cheese, BBQ sauce, & Sriracha. So. Dang. Good. To make my chicken, rub onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, & turmeric all over the chicken. Cook on the stovetop in a pan in ghee & coconut aminos for 30ish minutes, flipping a few times so each side is cooked evenly, until cooked all the way through. I use a meat thermometer to check chicken. It needs to be 165 degrees. This meal is a staple in our home.


After dinner, we watched an episode of Longmire, which is our new show on Netflix. We are both enjoying it so much. I lost my blanket to Lu yet again.


I finally got to run with my girls this morning! We woke up to snow, which was fun. It was still snowing a little bit when we started our run.


So happy to be reunited with them! Today was one of those runs that I would have quit after the 1st mile, so I am thankful I had these girls to keep me going. I felt super exhausted and flat. Without them, I would not have gotten in my 6 miles. Extra thankful for their company!


Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    So glad you are starting to feel better. I honestly don’t think I could do my own nails … the shape is NEVER right and my nail lady has taught me how to get my polish off without damaging my nails so I keep doing the shellac polish every three weeks and my nails are TOUGHER than rocks! I do wish I could find ways of getting them to last longer than 3 wks because of the darn budget (still need you to share that spreadsheet)!

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