Meeeeetings + if you can’t make fun of yourself… + Mardi Gras fun!

I was so happy about my lunch yesterday. We get an hour off during these trainings for lunch, so I ran home to eat. I had our leftovers from Wednesday night. Half a sweet potato topped with spinach, my special chicken, goat cheese, and BBQ sauce. This meal is seriously one of my favorites. The recipe for my special chicken is HERE. I am also super obsessed with this new dip I made. A little bit of plain Greek yogurt, Sriracha, and some Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. It is so delicious.


Guys, my Mom sent me this picture as she was going through some things at my Grandma’s house and I could not stop laughing. My Grandma used to let us drink Sprite mixed with part of a wine cooler. I always felt so fancy. Look at that pinky out. I was quite the chubster when I was younger. This picture just makes me laugh. If you can’t make fun of yourself….haha! I hope this gives you a little bit of a laugh this morning.


After my training, it was back home to cuddle this little furball on the couch. I also made sure to some foam rolling, my foot therapies, and stretch.


Jake has been working later than usual, so we have been eating dinner about an hour or so later than we normally do. We decided to go to Galloway for dinner last night. I love their wings so much. Look at this plate of massive wings. Mmm. 


My training the past two days hasn’t started until 8:30AM, so I got to sleep in until 7:30AM this morning. It. Was. Wonderful. I love sleep. So much.


Tonight, we are going to a super Mardi Gras party with my parents. I am really excited because The Mixtapes, one of my favorite local cover bands is going to be playing.

I am also super stoked to get some trail miles in this weekend! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve gotten to be on trail with my girls.

Happy Friday, friends!

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