A little laughter + Rhea doesn’t love heat + track-ish time!

I have seen this graphic a couple of times this week and each time it makes me laugh. So hilarious! If you’re a parent and you’re homeschooling for the first know, just know that I think you’re amazing! When in doubt, read with your kiddo. Simple as that!


Breakfast yesterday was a bowl of steel cut oats with an egg, brown sugar, butter, and honey. So. Good. I love adding an egg to my oats. You just crack the egg into the oats and water before you microwave. Make sure to stir everything really well. Cook like normal! So easy and it makes the oats extra creamy.


After one of my meetings, Rhea and I headed out for 6 miles in the sunshine. We made sure to make a few water stops for furry girl. She was hot.


We got back to the house and as I was opening the garage door, I felt the leash pull – Rhea had crawled under my car to get into the shade. Haha! She’s something.


I had another meeting after my run, then it was time for lunch. Pita bread with spinach, chicken, pepper Jack, and BBQ sauce. Pretzel sticks and hummus are a current obsession.

Someone was wiped out from our run in the sun.

I got this new devotional after a couple of people recommended it. I’m excited to get started!

We got an order from Thrive Market yesterday. It contained all these goodies. Popcorn of any kind is a weakness of mine. I haven’t had this flavor yet – I can’t wait to chow down.


I saw this and couldn’t pass it up…cauliflower?! Stay tuned…


If you’re ever looking for adorable tanks, tees, or sweatshirts, check out PGP Apparel – Paige makes the cutest stuff! She did the custom tanks for my bachelorette party (HERE). They turned out PERFECT. She shared this print the other day and I HAD to have it. I’m obsessed.


Dinner last night was pizza and salad again – no complaints from me! We stopped by to see my parents, too. It’s weird seeing your family but also keeping your distance from them. I’m a hugger, so I am ready to get back to squeezing my people.


I knocked out a run this morning and now am about to hop onto a conference call. My run was hard. I felt flat the entire time. I headed to the track to do some speed work, but I had ZERO gas in my tank, so I just did the best I could. Sometimes we have workouts like that – it sucks, but I know my next track session will be better.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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