Our new routine makes delicious coffee + I can’t do this heat…+ a fun dinner!

My cutie parents are on a golfing trip and they’re having a blast. My Dad played really well the other day, so we got a bunch of pictures and videos. I am jealous of their little get-away!


I shared yesterday (HERE) that Jake and I have started using some new coffee things – a grinder, an electric kettle, and are doing pour over. We are LOVING it. Jake is super good at making the coffee and I am super good at drinking it…


Breakfast yesterday was another piece of avocado toast. This has been delicious, but I think I am ready for something different. 


Lu took a snooze on the couch, but made sure to keep her tennis ball within arm’s reach.


A little before lunch time, I headed out to run. That was a big fat mistake. It’s WAY too humid and hot for me right now after 9AM. I got 3 miles in and called it quits. No more sleeping in. No. More.


After my run, I came home and made a wrap for lunch.


After lunch, I did some computer work, then took a break to do a little lifting. Rhea decided she needed to share my yoga mat and chew on her antler while I worked out.


After my workout, I showered and got ready, then hopped back on my computer for a meeting. I am currently working on building my three fall courses, so I’ve been on my computer A LOT lately. Once they’re built and ready to go, I won’t have to sit around as much, so that will be nice. I do love building classes, though. It’s so fun to watch everything come together.


Jake played golf yesterday afternoon. He got home as my meeting was wrapping up and brushed Rhea. Both of our dogs love getting brushed, so Lu sat and waited like this until it was her turn. It was adorable. It takes us about 10 minutes to brush Rhea and maybe one minute to brush Lu. HA! They both get so excited and run all over the place when we finish brushing them. It’s the best.


I got these earrings from my friend, Sarah, who owns Sarah’ndipity Designs. How cute are they?! I love them.


We had a super fun dinner with Dawn (my birth mom) and Mitch (her man) last night. I failed to take any pictures other than this one, but that just shows how much fun we were having, ha! Mitch grilled the most delicious steaks and we loved getting to catch up with them. Things have been so busy lately, it was nice to relax for an evening.


Thursday morning miles with my girls! Half of us ran at 5AM and half of us ran at 6AM. I’m glad we all started from the same place and got to see each other!


As I was driving home from my run, I felt SO sick. Even though I had a huge dinner, I was so dang hungry. I immediately made breakfast – an egg and spinach scramble with vegan cheese, sourdough toast with jam, and a meatless patty. This hit the spot!


I have a couple hours of computer work to do, then I may hit up the pool. We will see how the day goes.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Do you ever find that there are days after workouts where you simply just cannot eat after a workout. I know for me, I struggle to eat anything for at least a couple of hours after I finish a workout. I do try to make a protein iced coffee after because i can usually drink something cold but I can rarely stomach heavy food after a hot and sweaty workout. Any advice on how to maybe get in some different food after a tough workout?

    • papersandpavement

      I do sometimes have a hard time eating after long runs! I feel kind of sick sometimes, so I try to get a recovery shake in from Skratch or something. I love protein coffee, too! That’s such a great way to get some refueling in. I can usually stomach carbs easier than a lot or protein or fat when I feel that way.

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