Weekend Wrap-up!

I feel like this weekend was super productive, but I was also super lazy, does that even make sense? If this picture of Lu is any indication of our weekend, it’s surprising that I accomplished anything. This pup is mildly spoiled…


We had some rainy, gloomy weather all weekend. Any time it’s gloomy out, I crave soup. I am so excited for fall because I’m ready for chili and butternut squash soup. Lunch on Friday was tomato soup and a veggie and dairy-free cheese wrap. I wanted to make a grilled cheese, but didn’t have any cheese slices.


Please look at Rhea’s face. You’re welcome. I think she’s pretty happy to be up on the couch.


I wore real clothes and make-up Friday night! Kayla and I grabbed dinner at Galloway, which seems to be becoming our usual Friday ritual. I kinda like it.


I failed to take pictures Friday evening or of breakfast Saturday morning, but lunch was delicious. I had my leftovers from Galloway, plus some grapes and some crackers.


Poor Jake worked like crazy on Saturday due to storms in the area – he worked from 8AM until bout 12:30/1AM. I do not know how he does it. I got in a meal prepping mood Saturday evening, so I prepped breakfast for us for the week. We are having English muffin sandwiches. I topped these with dairy-free cheese, fried egg, hummus, and hot sauce. Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes and store in the fridge. YUM. One of our favorites.


Here they are all baked and ready to be devoured.


After I meal prepped, I made dinner. I had been craving fried ravioli, so I grabbed some at the store and cooked it in the AirFryer. I also wanted sangria, so I made a batch. It’s delicious. This dinner was SO good.


After dinner dessert – the best ice cream I have ever had! EVER. I promise.


My latest hair secret – sleeping with my hair braided. This saves my hair from getting super frizzy! If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know I have crazy hair. Braiding it before bed has been a game changer. I hate wet hair, so I try to only wash my hair once or twice a week. This helps keep it a little more tame!


While I was prepping breakfast, I also made some veggie quesadillas for Jake to take to work. I added plain Greek yogurt, salsa, and Sriracha on the side for him. He said he loved it!


Working out with Rhea looks like this 98% of the time…she is chewing on her tennis ball on top of my weights. Eye-roll.


Holy yum. These breakfast sandwiches are SO good.


Back at the wallpaper palace…looking glamorous.


I chowed down on my own black bean and spinach quesadilla for lunch while peeling wallpaper.


I finally finished this wall! I think I just need two to three more days of peeling wallpaper and I will be finished with this room. I have only been working on it for two to three hours at a time, so that keeps me from getting burned out on peeling.


Full disclosure, I bought treats at the store and totally enjoyed them in bed while listening to a conference. I loved it.


Just getting a little professional development in on a Sunday afternoon!


We grabbed dinner with Jake’s dad and stepmom last night. We, of course, had to have wings. These were delicious! We always love our time with them. Our new house is less than half a mile from them, so that is going to be so fun once we finally move in!


Post-dinner work sesh. Jake picked up a shift at midnight, so he went to bed right after dinner. The girls and I cuddled him until he fell asleep, then we moved out to the living room.


Happy Monday, friends!

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