Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a wonderful one! It was full of productivity, dates, and pool time. Friday ended with a faculty meeting, where I was nominated and placed on a committee (I have no idea what it entails, but I’m excited about it), laundry, vacuuming, and early bed time.

I was feeling lazy about dinner, so I ordered some deliciousness from Ocean Zen. I was so full after the appetizer that I hardly ate any of the meal. HA! I sent it with Jake for lunch Saturday. 

I got this email from one of the faculty members in the School of Education. It made me smile. Even though we are all apart right now, they still manage to make me feel welcome.

I was craving pancakes Saturday morning and had a couple of bananas that were going to go bad, so I made some quick banana pancakes. They were pretty tasty. Ugly picture, yummy food.

After breakfast, I did a little meal prepping. I wanted something easy for us to grab on the go, so I made an egg and chickpea salad. It looks gross, but tastes AMAZING. Jake loves it, too. I put it on toasted sourdough, top it with Sriracha, and we chow down.

YUM. Lu is always very interested in our food. She gets in trouble for begging at least once at every meal.

The girls and I took an hour off of work and got some very serious cuddles in.

When Jake got home from work, we headed out for a date night. We hopped on our bikes and rode to Mother’s to enjoy the weather and live music. Mother’s has a new sour that is off the charts. It is AMAZING. Plus, the company was outstanding.

After Mother’s, we rode to Galloway for dinner. We shared a burger and chicken tenders. Being married to your best friend is pretty awesome.

Sunday morning started with coffee and a little drive out to Wilson’s Creek to get in some bike miles.

I got in 15 solo bike miles. It was pretty toasty out, but I loved being on my bike.

After my ride, I did a little work on the computer and did my lifting workout, then I met my Momma, my friend, Adrienne, and her Momma, June, for lunch. We went to a new place, SPLIT Social Kitchen. It was delicious!

I had the crab BLT. It was pretty tasty! I can’t wait to go back with Jake for date night.

After lunch, I showed Adrienne and June our new place, then my Dad came over to measure an area for a step he is making for us out of the old deck wood. He stayed and went on a walk with us and the girls. We are so thankful our families are close and always willing to pitch in on the Wallpaper Palace (what I call our new house).

After our walk, Jake and I grabbed dinner at La Paloma.

Monday morning started a drive to Panera for hazelnut coffee and then continued with a delicious breakfast. We are having English muffin sandwiches again this week – they are just THAT good. I shared how I make them HERE.

After breakfast, I did a couple hours of computer work to get ready for the week, then packed up some things I needed to read and worked at the pool for a couple of hours. I want to soak up all of the pool days I have left! Plus, if I’m going to have to work, being at the pool makes it WAY better.

I have always loved this jumbled paragraph. For the most part, advanced readers can read a word if the first and last letter are in the correct places – this isn’t always true – this paragraph uses fairly short words, which makes that idea work, but nonetheless, it’s fun! This is all because of orthographic knowledge, but I won’t bore you with that this morning. Just know, that idea doesn’t always apply, but in this paragraph, it does! Try to read it.

After working at the pool, I came back to the apartment and had lunch. This egg/chickpea salad is the bomb. I also had a leftover chicken tender from our dinner Saturday night.

After lunch, I made another easy to grab meal – thai chickpea pasta. I used THIS recipe. I was lazy and used coleslaw instead of chopping veggies. SO easy!

Another day, another pup forcing me to play with her while I work…

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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