Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake’s Dad got a new pup, Remi, and our girls LOVE her. The three of them got in some serious play time over the weekend. I failed to take pictures this weekend. They are mostly of food – eating out, meal prepping, that kind of thing.

Jake and I grabbed dinner Friday night. We sat outside because the weather was perfect. I love that it is chilly right now. My favorite temperature is whatever allows me to wear a sweater or cardigan. I have a very serious cardigan obsession.

We shared a mushroom pasta and it was phenomenal. We both think we could make this for ourselves…we spent probably 10 minutes discussing ingredients. HA!

We went to Galloway Saturday for lunch. We wanted to sit on the patio, so there was a little bit of a wait. We waited in the car and they brought us a drink. It’s kind of nice to wait like this.

I have no clue how this is comfortable, but this girl has slept like this since she was a puppy. It always cracks me up.

Jake picked up Thai for us Saturday night and I was so excited. Everyday Thai’s Pad Thai with tofu is my all-time favorite.

Sunday morning started with a grocery store trip and then a little meal prep! I roasted beets and mushrooms, which we will add to root veggie hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast.

These are the root veggie hashbrowns. I get these in the freezer section of Mama Jean’s and we love them. These are shredded sweet potatoes, Yukon potatoes, and carrots. SO good and so easy to throw into anything.

I also prepped a batch of lentils for tacos/taco salad this week.

This is going to be SO good. Kale, quinoa, and sweet potato salad. I roasted a bunch of different sweet taters (purple, Japanese, jewel). While those were roasting, I cooked up a bunch of quinoa. When the quinoa was cooked, I added the taters and kale to the quinoa still on the stove. I wanted the kale to get a little wilted. I also added rice vinegar and juice from one lemon to the mixture. That’s it! So easy and so clean. Holy yum. 

I took a lunch break while prepping – an English muffin with hummus, dairy-free cheese, and tomato slices on one half and grape jelly on the other half.

We watched the Chiefs game with friends, then grabbed dinner before going to bed early. It was a great weekend that went by way too fast!

Happy Monday, friends!

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