Monday + working outside + YUM!

Monday started the best way – making a to-do list and eating a delicious breakfast. Breakfast this week is root veggie hashbrowns, beets, mushrooms, eggs, nutritional yeast, Sriracha, and half an English muffin with grape jam. YUM.

I spent the morning working. I had a bunch of reading to knock out, so the girls and I headed outside. I cannot wait to be in our house and have a bigger patio/deck area. Just a few more months…

I took a lunch break – this week we’re having taco salad with black beans and lentils. It’s delicious.

I got some cuddles from this girl.

Dinner was SO good. I made a huge batch of a quinoa, sweet potato, and kale mixture. Recipe HERE.

I knocked out a huge portion of my weekly to-do list. This is the only way that I function. I like the hour-by-hour plan. I also write must-dos in a separate list to the right. I was able to work most of the day yesterday, so I got Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday taken care of.

Jake worked last night, so Rhea took over his spot, like she normally does.

I finally got up to my alarm this morning! I headed to the apartment gym to spend some time on the elliptical and then get a lifting in.

After my workout, I took the girls on a little walk. It started to rain, so we hustled back to the apartment. I then had this delicious bowl of goodness for breakfast. MMM. I added a meatless veggie patty to the mix, too.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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