Focus on progress + the rooms are ready + fun Amazon finds!

Yesterday was a lot of computer work. Two of my classes ended, so I spent the majority of the day grading finals. I took a break for a quick breakfast – two eggs, a waffle, and a spicy veggie patty, then it was back to grading. I got half of one class all finished before my run.

I had a tour of a gym here in town late yesterday morning, so I parked by the gym and ran before my tour.

Making progress! I shared HERE about my last fastest mile. I reset my watch any time I am out of running for awhile. It’s kind of like a blank slate to come back to, which is how my body feels after not running for a little bit. I haven’t really been working on speed, I haven’t done any speed or track work, I’m just running, which feels amazing right now. My fitness is starting to build again, which is helping with my pace. 4 second improvement from October 9th (8:41) during my run yesterday.

After my run, I toured AYB, which I LOVE. I have been having a hard time finding motivation to lift, so I need some help. I am super impressed with AYB and even got to try one of their classes for free last night. It was incredible. I think I smiled the whole time. After my tour, I finished grading for one class, then had a quick lunch of leftovers, then had a meeting. After my meeting, I graded half of another class, had another meeting, then finished grading for my second class. The day flew by, but I got a ton accomplished.

When Jake left for work, I headed to our house to finish sanding our trim. This room is officially done. All three bedrooms are ready to be primed and painted! That’s a good feeling.

After I finished this room, I met Kayla at AYB for a workout class. I failed to take any pictures, but we grabbed beers at 4 By 4 and then dinner at Galloway after our class. I am sore today, which is good! I needed to get my butt kicked a little bit. I cannot wait for more classes at AYB. All of the trainers I met so far are super friendly and knowledgeable.

We have a fun weekend planned – our friends, Kallie and Coty, are getting married Saturday, so we have their rehearsal dinner tonight and then the wedding tomorrow. They met at a party at our old house, so we like to think we set them up. ; ) So excited for them! Other than that, I will be spending the day today writing. I need to get some manuscripts written up, so it’s a writing day for me.

A few fun Amazon finds:

I swear by this Body Glide for every run. My sports bras always chafe me around my rib cage, so this is a must. I’ve been using it for about two years and never run without it. It is unscented, which I like.

I am obsessed with this tunic dress. I got a large because I wanted it a little longer/baggier. It’s super cute worn as a dress or open with jeans and booties. I washed and dried it and it didn’t shrink.

I also got this long button-up and it’s so comfy. I also washed and dried this one and it didn’t shrink. It’s a super soft material, which feels really good against your skin.

We put this in our girls’ water and it helps keep their breath from stinking. We love pup kisses over here, so this is a must.

I got this lace trimmed cami and have worn it a few times. I got a medium because I wanted the length, but a small would’ve probably fit better. The medium gaps a little around my arm pits.

I love this shirt. It’s a thicker, longer material, so definitely order your regular size. I got a medium and should’ve ordered a small. It’s perfect over leggings.

Jake and I love white boards for keeping track of things. This is the one we just ordered to keep track of our house projects.

I have worn this henley SO many times. It’s very long, so order your regular size. I got a medium and could’ve worn a small, but I like that it’s a little baggie and long.

I am a sucker for chunky sweaters. I love the color of this one. I got a medium in this one and it’s perfect. A little oversized, but not too big.

These platform snake skin slides are SO comfortable. I wear them all the time and have walked pretty far in them with no issues. They have the perfect amount of cushion.

Happy Friday, friends!

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