Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday breakfast: two eggs, a veggie sausage patty, and a bluebrry waffle. Mmm. I woke up SO sore from my workout class Thursday. It definitely kicked my butt.

These two are so goofy…always wanting to share a kennel.

Lunch on Friday consisted of my Galloway leftovers and a side salad.

I got lots of pup cuddles, too. I did a bunch of computer work, so it was a pretty laidback day.

We had the rehearsal dinner for Kallie and Coty’s wedding Friday night, which was super fun. I failed to take any pictures. I woke up early to run Saturday morning. The second I put my shoes on, this girl sprinted to the front door. I may never run without her again. I’m okay with that!

Even though I take a ton of selfies, sometimes it’s hard to look in the right spot. I knocked out 10 miles with these babes (8 with them, and 2 on my own). My first double digit run since July! I think I smiled the entire last mile. I felt really good, too, which was amazing. It was the best way to start my Saturday.

I made an egg and veggie scramble with an English muffin the second I finished my run. I was SO hungry.

My body was so incredibly sore from my workout Thursday evening. After I ate breakfast, I definitely need to soak. My muscles were angry!

I may or may not have had lunch at 10:30AM Saturday…I was super hungry after my run. I had more leftovers – a chicken wrap and a salad.

I took a little nap after I soaked, then spent a little bit of time on my computer, before I got ready for Kallie and Coty’s wedding. I got to wear a dress I bought last year and forgot about it  (love when that happens) and my favorite snakeskin booties.

The wedding was beautiful! So happy for these two love birds.

I got to spend the wedding with a bunch of my favorite people!

Mr. and Mrs. Singer!!

The best sister-in-love ever. Sorry I always ruin our pictures…

Kal, you were such a gorgeous bride! Love you, sister!

We sure love these two! Loved getting to celebrate them over the weekend.

My people.

Sunday started with a little laundry, computer work, and some meal prep. This chilly weather called for sweet potato chili. Mmm.

Here’s what I used for the chili, plus a little vegetable stock, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and chili powder. I cooked ours on high in the crockpot for 5 hours. This will be our lunches this week – I top it with plain Greek yogurt and half an avocado. YUM.

I also made a breakfast casserole – this has a root vegetable crust, eggs, mushrooms, meatless breakfast sausage, and dairy-free cheese.


Here’s what I used for the casserole, plus some black pepper and garlic powder.

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve knocked out a treadmill run. I’m thankful our apartment has treadmills, but I am definitely missing my treadmill. Hopefully I can be reunited with it LESS than two months!!

I’m heading to a lifting class here in a little bit, then I’ll be on the computer the remainder of the day – lots of grading, writing, and planning. I guess I also need to get started building my classes for the spring…

Happy Monday, friends!

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