Productivity + the best snacks + 4AM is early…

I spent Monday morning grading while eating breakfast. I got all my grades finished yesterday, so it felt nice to be productive and knock that off my to-do list.

I took a break from grading to go to a workout class. It was leg day and I am SORE, but I loved it. When I got home, Jake and I ran a few errands, did a couple things at the house, then had lunch. He had chili and I had leftover pizza and salad. If you’re local, go to McSalty’s and get their Honey Badger pizza. It’s the best. Ever. They put honey int he crust, so it’s sweet and the jalapeƱos on top make it spicy. The best combo!

After lunch, I spent the rest of the day on my computer. Jake left for work around 3:45PM. My Dad, Kayla, and I decided not to ride since it was cold and wet outside, so I finished up some work, then parked it on the couch with dinner at 5PM. This chili is SO good. I shared the recipe HERE.

A couple hours after dinner, I needed a snack before bed. I am obsessed with these roasted seaweed packs. I really like the toasted sesame ones.

I decided to give myself a pedicure, so I did that while watching The Office. I love this gel set from Sally Hansen. It lasts forever.

I had one more snack, then crawled into bed around 8PM. Rhea wanted some of these puffs from Lesser Evil, but they are way too good to share.

I am making myself join the girls for TWO 5AM runs this week. I have been sleeping in until 7/7:30 lately and I just feel behind when I do that. I am working really hard to get up earlier. Today was day one of meeting them and it was so great. I have missed our 5AM runs. Since I got a new phone, I also had to get a new Koala Clip. I got to break it in this morning. I have used a Koala Clip for about two years and I love them. They’re perfect for holding phones, keys, chapstick, money, etc. This pouch clips onto an article of clothing – I put mine in-between my sports bra and my back – you can’t even tell it’s there! If you’ve been searching for something to use instead of a belt or a pack, check these out.

Kayla wanted us to take a prom pose picture this morning…Rhea wasn’t too sure about it…

My stomach growled our entire run, so I inhaled breakfast as soon as I got home. Casserole and a waffle. YUM.

I have some computer work to do, then will head to the gym for an arm workout. I’km glad it’s arm day because my legs are hella sore. Then I think Jake and I will spend some time working at our house – less than two months until we move in!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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