A good reminder + the most delicious salad + ladies, get this!

Mmm. Breakfast. I regretted this breakfast during my second sprint on the assault bike at the gym Thursday morning…those are brutal, but it sure tasted delicious!

I saw this yesterday and loved it. This is such a good reminder no matter what kind of hard thing you are going through. Blessings come from struggles. Sending hugs to anyone struggling right now.

After the gym, I had lunch, then worked on packing the apartment. I am at the point in packing where it’s all little random things…we may unpack a box and there could be a pillow, laundry detergent, and a bottle of wine (all necessities, I suppose). It’s a crap shoot at this point. HA!

Long story short – I was sold the wrong paint for my cabinets. UGH. It has all worked out, but I had to sand my freshly painted cabinets (that hurt my heart), and then use the correct paint on them. Thankfully, I hadn’t painted the doors yet (huge positive). I knocked out the painting in a couple of hours yesterday, so I am now back on track to finish the kitchen. If painting cabinets, you do NOT want to use Regal Select from Benjamin Moore (that’s a wall paint, which is actually what we have used on all of our walls…thanks a lot for no help on this, Ace Hardware….). Instead, you want to use Advance by Benjamin Moore. Aaaaand, if you are about to do a painting project of any kind, I highly recommend Spectrum Paint. They have been SO helpful and felt terrible that I had been given the wrong information. That link is to their website, but there are two locations in Springfield. They. Are. Amazing. We have used them for EVERYTHING since I was sold the wrong stuff and will continue to use them forever. Amen.

After I repainted my cabinets, it was time for dinner and a little more packing. I made the most delicious salad with random things from our fridge. Spinach, shredded chicken, peppers, balsamic vinegar, Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing, black pepper, and some turkey pepperoni. YUM.

Okay, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been this excited about a product. Holy cow. I am going to buy this in bulk. Ladies, if you’re looking for a deep conditioning treatment to use in the shower, this is it. I have tried TONS and have never liked one as much as this. I have super coarse, dry, curly hair, so anything that makes my hair feel even remotely soft is a win in my book. This stuff makes my hair feel amazing. AMAZING. I wash my hair probably every 3-5 days. In-between washes, I put Argan oil in my hair to keep it less frizzy and keep it moisturized. It NEVER makes me hair greasy, so if that doesn’t tell you how dry my hair is, I don’t know what will. Anyway, I can’t believe how silky this has made my hair. Plus, it smells incredible.

Click this picture for a link to the product.

Here is my hair after my shower – I used the Shea Moisture product I shared above, then put in some curling cream and Argan oil and let everything air dry. That’s it! My hair felt (and still feels) SO good and it held it’s curls a little better, too. It’s hard to get a good picture, but I wish you could feel my hair. In a non-creepy way, of course. I am sold on this. Just wanted to share in case anyone else is looking for something like this.

I usually wash my hair in the morning because I don’t like going to bed with it wet, but if I do wash it at night, I always throw a braid in and wake up with things under control. If I don’t put a braid in and go to bed with wet hair, all hell breaks loose. ; )

This is the LAST weekend before we move!!!! I just finished putting a load of boxes in my car. I almost have everything that I can move out of our apartment – it’s getting closer!!

We are painting our fireplace this weekend…stay tuned!

Happy Friday, friends!

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