Weekend Wrap-up!

A LOT happened this weekend, a little bad, but mostly good. Rewinding to Friday, this reminder popped up. One year ago Friday, I was in Arkansas interviewing for my dream job. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that I got my dream job. I remember being nervous, but feeling right at home. It was very different than other campus interviews I had been on. One university in particular was AWFUL…UALR is definitely a great place to be.

Something terrible happened Friday…I was in a car accident. Luckily, no one was hurt! But some idiot blasted through a red light and plowed into my car as I was on my way to the gym. I called 911 and then Jake. Jake came right over, which helped calm my nerves. It was a super shitty way to start my Friday, but it could’ve been worse, so I am thankful that no major injuries occurred.

My poor baby. I just got this car in August. We are waiting to hear from the insurance adjustor on next steps.

I had already booked a massage and facial that Jake had gotten me for Christmas for Friday afternoon, so Jake dropped me off at the spa and handled everything with my car. He is the best. My masseuse said a massage was probably one of the best things I could’ve done, so I am thankful I had already schedule both services.

After my spa day, I came home and relaxed before going to dinner with Kayla. I wore this adorable sweater that Jake’s Mom got me for Christmas and a new hat I had gotten a few weeks ago.

Lu was anxiously awaiting Kayla’s arrival.

I love our Friday date nights!

We went to Ocean Zen for happy hour and ordered all of this goodness.

Lu was ready for bed when I got home from dinner.

I woke up Saturday with no pain from the accident, which I was thankful for, so I met the girls for a 10-miler at Wilson’s Creek. Rhea went with, of course.

Rhea and I aren’t the best at the picture taking, but we loved our morning with these girls.

Did you even run if you don’t have Chik-fil-A? I say no. Kayla introduced me to the egg white griller and it was AMAZING. I switched out the English muffin for a biscuit – holy yum.

I made this super easy, crazy delicious meal for lunch – green peppers stuffed with ground beef, spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes – that’s it! So easy. SO good.

After lunch, I relaxed on the couch and did laundry. Dawn, my birth mom, gave me this amazing cozy cape for Christmas. I LOVE it.

We grabbed dinner with a couple friends Saturday night. We went to Galloway and I had the Frito pie. It was pretty delicious.

Sunday started with this delicious plate – a biscuit, eggs, and turkey sausage.

The rug for my office came in! I am obsessed. I have some books on the ends to help it settle, but wow – it completes my office! Well, mostly. We still need a couch, a coffee table, and a bookshelf…but we are not in any rush to get those.

I attempted to put our Ruggable in the living room. This furball was not making that easy…

Any other sandwich lovers out there? I think I could eat a sandwich for lunch forever.

I made sweet potato nachos for dinner. It kind of turned out to be more like a casserole, but it was still delicious. I bake sliced sweet potatoes, then layer whatever toppings we want. These have cooked chicken, black beans, all kinds of peppers, onion, jalapeños, and cheese.


We had our first fire at the house Sunday evening. I brought out my most fashionable clothing options.

When it’s time to get up on a Monday, but you don’t really want to…

We ran 3 miles as a family this morning and it was a blast!

I made it to the gym without getting hit by another car, so the day is already off to a great start! ; )

Happy Monday, friends!


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