Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend FLEW by. It was crazy rainy all weekend, too. Rainy, cold weather makes me want to be extra lazy. Friday was a pretty packed day, but it started with a delicious breakfast of oats with PB and brown sugar plus a turkey sausage patty. Poor Jake worked three back-to-back doubles Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…I don’t know how he works 16 hours day, but he does it and never complains. My hero.

I went to the gym Friday morning then hopped on a meeting before a quick lunch of leftovers from Cesar’s – YUM. I wish I had a so-pusa right now.

I had a two hour meeting in the late afternoon. I had been sitting WAY too long, so I was extra thankful for my standing desk.

Pizza sounded SO good, so I ordered one for dinner on Friday. Pepperoni, jalapeños, and pineapple. My favorite pizza topping combo. This pizza lasted all weekend.

I’m still doing my 20 minutes of stretching every night! I got the report back from the X-ray on my foot. Nothing serious is wrong, which is awesome. Essentially, I have a major lack of mobility in my first toe and a little degenerative tissue showed up, so that is causing issues. Soooo, I am going to focus on improving that mobility. Lu and Rhea love my stretching time. I think. Or they just wanted to be fed dinner…

I don’t know how this is comfortable. She sleeps in the strangest positions.

We woke up to pouring down rain and lots of wind Saturday, so we decided to move our long run to Sunday instead. I made breakfast and knocked out a little bit of work.

I was not feeling a run, but knew after sitting most of the morning while working I needed to move a little bit. I threw on some favorites and hopped on the treadmill.

4 tempo miles to get a little movement in on a rainy Saturday.

More pizza and a little salad for lunch after my run.

Well, these are dangerously delicious…I think I ate half of this box in one sitting…

I spent a couple hours working on my computer Saturday evening. Lu was very much over it.


Sunday started with coffee and oats before a long run.

I rocked my new favorite hat that Jake got me for Christmas. Fleet Feet here in town carries this Sprint brand, but you can also find them HERE. My hat is currently sold out on their website, but I’m sure they’ll restock. It’s too good not to!

Rhea was pretty excited about running after being cooped up in the house all weekend.

12 miles with these gals and Rhea. I am not training for anything, just running for fun. I want to keep my base up, but I don’t have any races on my radar right now.

Another day, another slice of pizza for lunch…I am now officially sick of pizza…

I did a lot of relaxing on Sunday, which was super nice. I had a few computer things to do, so I knocked those out, did my stretching, then parked it on the couch for a little more relaxing and Hulu.

I made a new recipe last night and holy wow – I love when simple ingredients come together to make something DELICIOUS. This is a zucchini lasagna with only FOUR ingredients – zucchini, protein (I did Beyond Meat ground beef), mozzarella, and pasta sauce. That’s it! So simple.

Here are the ingredients. This ended up being six servings for us at about 380 calories per piece. It’s even better when something simple gives you three whole meals!

Here’s what I did! Two zucchinis sliced thin, Beyond Meat Ground Beef, mozzarella cheese, & pasta sauce. Each zucchini made six slices for me, so I used the first six as the base, layered half a cup of pasta sauce, the sautéed Beyond Meat Ground Beef, & half the bag of cheese on top. That was followed by six more zucchini slices, another half cup of pasta sauce, & the rest of the cheese. Bake at 375° for 45 minutes, let stand for 15, then dig in. DELISH. We will definitely be making this one again.

I topped my lasagna with a little balsamic glaze and added a piece of garlic toast.

This is my last week before spring break! I plan to work most of next week on writing, but it’s going to be super nice not to have to plan around meetings for a few days. : ) As of right now, only the beginning of this week is crazy…fingers crossed it stays that way and I didn’t just jinx myself…

Happy Monday, friends!




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