Weekend Wrap-up!

Anyone else love to snack on dry cereal? It’s one of my favorite things to grab on the go and munch on. I saw this at the store the other day and had to try it. We love turmeric, so I figured we’d love this. It’s delicious! It’s so good as a dry snack or mixed with milk and eaten as cereal. YUM.

This weekend flew by! Friday started with a half-marathon around town with Kayla, followed by inhaling breakfast on my way to the gym. About noon on Friday I was pooped. I got a second wind about 4PM, which was nice. After the gym in the morning, Kayla and I went to our friend, Katie’s, to see her new house. It’s SO pretty! I failed to take a picture of the three of us…I actually failed to take very many pictures this weekend at all, but we had such a blast catching up.

We all grabbed lunch together. Katie took us to the most delicious pizza place. I had a calzone and it was SO good. They had a lunch special with a salad, a drink, and a mini calzone. Everything was amazing. The restaurant is called Pizanos. Highly recommend if you’re ever in the Willard area.

After lunch and a little more hanging out, I got back home for a short meeting before considering myself to be officially on spring break! I had a girls’ night with Kayla and Adrienne Friday to celebrate the beginning of spring break. We grabbed dinner at Split Kitchen. I had this tasty drink, but cannot remember what it was called.

We shared their crab dip appetizer, which was out of this world. I would definitely get this again.

I had their seafood risotto for dinner. It was just okay. Not my favorite. The seafood was delicious, but I like a creamy, cheesy risotto, so this was not that. Jake ended up eating it as leftovers. He said the same thing – we like cheesy risotto better.

Eleanor was staying with my parents over the weekend, so I went over there Saturday morning to hang out with them for a little bit. Eleanor is very into counting, so we counted everything. My Mom had a huge container of nail files, so those were Eleanor’s favorite thing to count.

Kayla left her cute sunnies in my car, so I sent her a video saying I was holding them hostage. Then I forgot my own sunnies, so I got to wear hers while I ran errands. It worked out in my favor! ; ) I grabbed groceries around lunch time, so snagged a smoothie and a wellness shot from Mama Jean’s when I finished.

Saturday night, we had dinner with our parents (Jake’s and mine) at Cesar’s. It was so fun to all get together. Again, I failed to take a picture. I’m losing my edge.

I had the most delicious taco salad Sunday afternoon – red leaf lettuce (my favorite), sweet corn, black beans, ground turkey, salsa, cheese, and jalps. YUM.

I tried to trim some of Lu’s hair around her eyes. I did not do a good job…

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a house project with you! We are about to tackle one of our biggest projects – completely redoing two of our bathrooms (ours and one in the hallway). We are moving a wall and redoing EVERYTHING, so things are about to get a little crazy. We are thankful for this third bathroom by our kitchen. This will eventually be redone, too, but for now, we are just sprucing it up a little. We have slowly been working on things in here, but I wanted to share our progress. Here’s the bathroom when we bought the house.

And here it is currently! We haven’t done all that much, but it’s crazy how small changes can make a big difference. Jake has also redone the shower (cleaned, grout, sealed, etc.), so this bathroom will be the only one we have for a few months while we work on the others. I replaced hinges and door pulls yesterday – there’s a video on social media (Instagram and Facebook) if you want to check it out!


Jake brought flowers home for me Sunday night when he got off work. He’s so sweet.

I made more zucchini lasagna! I just made it last week if that tells you anything…that’s how you know it’s good. My recipe is HERE. Jake told me this is one of his favorite meals. It’s SO easy and so amazing.

We enjoyed our fire pit for a few hours last night.

The thin mint concrete is out at Andy’s, so Jake and I shared one after dinner last night. These are SO dang good.

Happy Monday, friends!


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