Good news! + using up all the leftovers + some Amazon favorites

I have a more in-depth update HERE, but my lining grew from 7.3 last Wednesday to 9.5 Monday morning! YAY! My clinic wanted at least 8mm. I was so relieved when I saw the numbers on the screen that I teared up. Back on track!

After my doctor’s appointment, I went to the gym. It was arm day and I felt pretty good, so I pushed it a little bit. It felt good to lift heavy. I skipped a run because I was pretty worn out after the gym, but I was thankful to get a little workout in. We are on the major leftover game right now. Lunch was a bunch of different leftovers thrown into a tortilla. So good.

I spent the day working on my computer, then escaped outside to sip on some tea in the sunshine.

Dinner was also more leftovers  – pasta, meatballs, and Caesar salad. Mmmm. I think I could eat this meal every day.

4AM wake-up to meet the girls for some miles this morning. Rhea was tired of waiting on me sip my coffee. She waited in the room by our garage to try and get me to hurry up.

When she realized that wasn’t working, she got closer to intimidate me. This girl loves her early morning runs. That stare…

7 miles with some of my favorites. The weather this morning was perfect. It felt so good to knock out miles and chat. Each mile flew by. SO thankful for our group of awesome gals!

Here are some of our Amazon faves. Just click each picture for more information on each item. We always add this to our girls’ water. I swear by it – it really helps their breath!

I don’t do much in the way of make-up, but these are a few things that I use religiously. I have used this primer for over two years. It’s my favorite!

I just discovered under-eye concealer (yes, I’m 32…). This is a game changer! I look awake now!

This is my favorite eye makeup remover. It takes off anything that you use and doesn’t burn at all. It also lasts forever. I think my last bottle lasted over a year…I don’t use it every day, but it works really well on tough to remove mascaras.

I just got these glass containers with bamboo lids and I LOVE them.


I also just got this new bronzer. It smells heavenly and isn’t shimmery – I don’t like the shimmer in bronzer, so this is a new favorite.

Still obsessed with this hydrating treatment. I use it every other time I wash my hair. It smells incredible and makes my very coarse hair silky smooth. I buy 3 containers at a time…it’s fine. I don’t have a problem.

We swear by this for getting dog hair off of the couch. It looks strange, but it works better than anything else we have ever tried.

This is my favorite collagen. It’s unflavored, so I add it all kinds of stuff – coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, yogurt. You can’t tell it’s been added at all.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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