Baby Bradley – Our Journey

March 29th, 2021: My lining thickened from 7.3 to 9.5!! THANK GOODNESS. I teared up the second I saw the uterine lining measurement. I guess upping my estrogen worked exactly like it should! I snapped this picture before going in for my appointment Monday morning.

I was supposed to have my ERA procedure this coming Friday, but I need to start PIO (progesterone in oil) shots before the procedure, so we have moved my ERA to next Friday. I start shots on Saturday. I am dreading these shots. These shots are very different than the ones I did for my egg retrieval. Those were in the belly and had tiny little needles. You could hardly even feel them. The PIO shots are intramuscular and go in your tush. Here’s a picture of one of them. GULP. I am very nervous about these, but know they’re part of this next step, so I’ll get through it. I have gotten lots of tips from other gals who have done these bad boys, so I’m thankful for that!

So, my next procedure, the ERA, is next Friday. After that, we will wait for results then hopefully transfer one of our babies within the next 4-6 months. IVF has SO many roadblocks and constant changes, so ALL of that could change, BUT we are going to focus on getting through each day, and controlling what we can and letting the rest go (easier said than done). <3