Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a pretty low-key weekend, well, I did…Jake picked up some extra shifts…he always works so hard. I had a working lunch Friday afternoon. I almost have a manuscript ready to be submitted to a journal – YAY! Now to start on another one…and another…

My littlest co-worker is never far from my side.

On his way to work on Friday, Jake picked up our new bike trainer! I am SO dang stoked to try this bad boy out. Now I just need Jake home longer than 8 hours to put it together for us…

I was craving pizza rolls for dinner, so I popped some in the oven and threw a salad on the side for good measure. They were delicious.

Before I went to bed Friday, I set everything out for my long run Saturday morning. Hydration, gels, pre-workout, Graham Crackers, and recovery plus collagen.

Saturday morning: pre-run coffee and Grahams – the best combo.

I was beyond excited to get on some trail. Trail Sisters Springfield was out at Fellows Lake for our group run Saturday morning. The weather was perfect, just the right amount of chilly.

Plus, having great company makes the miles fly by!

12 miles of trail! I think I smiled most of this run. I was decked out in some of my favorite Trail Sisters gear, too.

I was so worn out after that run. I heated up a breakfast burrito and crawled into bed to watch Hulu and enjoy breakfast. Living my best life.

I couldn’t get warm, so I layered on all my comfy, warm things and took a little nap with my girls.

I was craving Jimmy John’s for lunch, so I grabbed a sandwich and chips after getting groceries for the week. My go-to order at Jimmy John’s is either the Vito or Veggie sandwich with salt and vinegar chips.

I couldn’t stop laughing…I saw this online, so of course had to text it to a bunch of people.

My parents came over for a little bit Saturday evening, then I relaxed on the couch and ate the rest of my pizza rolls while watching Modern Family.

I finished up painting our closet doors Sunday morning. These has been a dark cream color, but now they’re white.

Here they are with the new handles! I can’t wait to see these put back on our closets.

I spent about 4 hours going through some of the last boxes in our garage. It felt good to get some more things put away, but the sawdust that was on these from when we had our floors put in really irritated my allergies.

Lunch was part of a black bean and sweet potato quesadilla with some tortilla chips on the side.

I also did a little meal prep Sunday afternoon – more breakfast burritos for the week. These have tater tots (yum), egg, cheese, and black beans.

Alex reminded me about this recipe I used to make ALL the time – the buffalo spaghetti squash casserole. I usually used chicken, but we had ground turkey in our freezer, so I used that instead.

I topped ours with half an avocado – highly recommend!

Here’s the recipe! Cook the spaghetti squash and ground turkey first, then mix everything together in a greased baking dish – cooked squash, cooked protein, buffalo/wing sauce, and two eggs. Stir in two raw eggs to the mixture and mix super well – you can mix them separately, but I never want to dirty another dish, so I just mix them into the mixture. Just make sure they’re raw before you cook everything together! Top the mixture with a package of cheese and a little Italian seasoning. Once everything is in the greased baking dish, bake at 350 for 20 minutes. That’s it! So delicious.

Exciting news – when I shared my review of the other Senso Pods (HERE), they sent me their other pair to try out. I LOVE these. They’re way more comfortable than the others, the sound quality is great, and they hold a charge for a long time (5 hours with single charge and 35 hours with the fully charged case). If you’re looking for pods, but don’t want to spend hundreds, these are AMAZING and only $34.99. Highly recommend!

Happy Monday, friends!

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