Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a busy one! I found out Thursday I was in charge of creating a two-hour workshop for graduating seniors…that needs to be completed by May 3rd. HA! Since we have such a tight timeline, there is no way to get everyone together to complete the workshop synchronously, so I put a module together in Blackboard, which is the learning management systems we use at UALR. Our graduating seniors will be able to access everything and work through the content at their own pace. I spent Friday afternoon/evening putting everything together. It started storming, so the girls got their Calming Bites and seemed to relax once those kicked in.

These are the ones our girls use. I swear by them! Both Lu and Rhea get SO anxious any time it storms. These really help calm them.

I was extra thankful that I work from home… I was able to work in my jammies with my hair looking crazy. I don’t mind working until 8:30PM as long as it’s in the comfort of my own office.

Nothing sounded good for dinner, but I found some old Ramen in our pantry and one of the guys Jake works with had brought us some fried fish, so I enjoyed that for dinner Friday night, plus some goldfish. Dinner of champions.

I had an acupuncture appointment Friday morning after the gym. One of the areas on my belly had quite the bruise after. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s a pretty big bruise. This was taken about 5 hours after my appointment. We still don’t have any IVF updates, but acupuncture is supposed to help with transfer, so I started it now and will go once a week. There are all kinds of different things that people say to do. As long as it’s not detrimental to you or your embaby, do whatever makes you feel the best and helps keep your head space positive.

I haven’t felt like running lately. Since I’m not training for anything, I’m going to listen to my body and take breaks when I need them. I don’t need to force a run if it doesn’t sound good right now. I headed to Little Rock Saturday afternoon for graduation, so I knew I’d be in the car a lot Saturday. It was rainy and cold that morning, so before I left, I hopped on the treadmill and walked 3 miles. It was better than nothing!

I made a delicious breakfast burrito, steamed my graduation gown, and hit the road!

I hadn’t worn this stuff since my own graduation in December 2018. It was so fun to put it back on and help celebrate our undergrads. I also hadn’t been on campus since my interview in January of 2020, so it was AMAZING to be back and finally get to meet some of my colleagues face-to-face.

I drove back home after the graduation ceremony, so I spent about 8 hours in the car Saturday. I thought about staying over night, but we finished at 6PM, so it just didn’t make sense. I did have a colleague offer her guest room any time I need to stay in town, so that was super sweet and I will definitely take her up on it. I got home about 10PM, but had the hardest time trying to get to sleep. I think I finally fell asleep about 3AM…not fun. We stayed in bed until about 9AM Sunday morning. This was Lu when my alarm went off Same, girl. Same.

When I finally got out of bed Sunday, I met my parents for brunch. I had a bagel with smoked salmon, which was delicious.

Aaaand a side of bacon. I can’t pass up bacon. Ever.

After brunch, I crawled back into bed with my computer for a few hours. It was nice to just sit and relax for a little bit. I was so worn out from not being able to sleep Saturday night. Around 2PM, I got up and knocked out a little meal prep for the week. We are having breakfast sandwiches – these have a gluten-free English muffin (my acupuncturist wants me avoiding gluten for a little bit), mozzarella cheese slices, turkey sausage, and an egg.

I also made egg salad, but added in chickpeas to get some veggies in. This has 12 hard-boiled eggs, two cans of chickpeas, half a container of vegan mayo, 1/3 cup of relish, garlic powder, black pepper, salt, and Everything but the Bagel seasoning. It’s amazing.

When Jake got home from work, we headed out for a little bike ride. I wore my fanny pack, which was perfect for holding a jacket, chapstick, and my phone.

We did a workout ride to dinner, where we met Jake’s family, then we rode home leisurely. I am definitely out of bike shape, but it felt so good to ride.

It got a little chilly after dinner, so we were thankful we had jackets with us. We got 22 miles in for the day.

I am so sad about this, but we are having some trees taken out. Ugh. The two in our front yard, even though they’re blooming, are rotting. It’s pretty bad. You can see the one on on the right is missing most of its trunk. We LOVE trees, so it has not been an easy decision to have the ones in our front yard taken out. We are also having two taken out in the backyard – one is growing under our neighbor’s driveway. One cool thing about that tree…my Dad is going to use it to make our dining room table! I think that is so special. I am still sad about us not having trees for a little bit, but we will plant new ones as soon as we get some dirt work done in a few weeks. The guys will be here all week to work on these trees. I’ll share progress.

Happy Monday, friends!


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