IVF update & thankful + two crazy days + the best furry coworkers

I had meetings from 9-4:30 yesterday. We took a few breaks in-between, which I was grateful for. The girls hung out in my office most of the day.

I was starving, so I started eating lunch, then we were given a lunch break, HA! Whoops. I hate when presenters don’t give you the agenda to know the plan for the day, especially when it’s an all-day deal.

It worked out, though, because we took a long family walk during the hour-long lunch break. It was gorgeous outside, so I’m glad we took advantage of that.

Lu wants to sit on my lap or be held any time I am in a meeting.

She has done this since I was in my doctoral program. I guess she went through most of those classes, too. She has probably earned her own PhD over the years. ; )

This bruise doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s from my acupuncture appointment last Friday. I can’t believe it has lasted this long. I go again today, so I’m sure I’ll have another bruise.

The second my last meeting was over, I chugged pre-workout and headed to the gym. I had enough time to get three miles in before my workout class started, and since I had slept in, I was determined to run. I felt surprisingly decent considering I have a hard time running in the evenings.

Three miles at an 8:29. It definitely hurt and was probably fueled by pre-workout, but it was nice to push myself a little bit. I don’t want to get in the habit of drinking pre-workout for every run, but I liked having energy yesterday.

After my run, I had my workout class, then rushed home to eat dinner before a 7PM interview with a participant. I couldn’t eat all of this, but there are Mexican zucchini boats under all that salsa.

After I ate, I had my last interview with the first participant in my study. It felt good to get one series of interviews knocked out…11 to go! We packed up dinner for Jake and waited for him to swing by and grab it. The girls get so excited when he stops by in his big work truck.

I’ve got a little update for you HERE – scroll down to April 30th for the latest update. Just waiting on one more result!

Happy Friday, friends!

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