Swim lessons with E + this is delicious & so easy + I’ve been slacking…

Oats for breakfast yesterday. Sometimes ya just gotta switch things up! I added PB and honey to mine, but wished I had had a banana to cut up and add. I think those are my favorite oatmeal add-ins. I also love adding blueberries.

My sister and Eleanor were in a car accident last week. They’re okay, but Piper’s car was totaled. It was not her fault and the lady who caused the wreck took responsibility, but Piper fractured her wrist and can’t get Eleanor in and our of her car seat, dressed, etc. Eleanor has swim lessons this week, so my Mom and I have switched off helping get her there. Poor Eleanor did not want to swim yesterday. She cried the entire time. It broke my heart. At least she looked adorable! I sure love this kid.

After swim lessons, I got super sleepy, so I threw on all my comfy clothes and relaxed a little before spending some time on my computer. We were watching Jake put mud on a spot on our living room ceiling in this picture. Lu is very focused on him.

Lunch was a grilled cheese with all kinds of deliciousness – corn chips, tortilla chips, okra, pickles, and half an avocado. YUM.

Sometimes with recipes, I just throw things together and hope for the best. That happened with this, but it is AMAZING and so easy. It’s a chickpea/tuna salad. YUM. Here’s what you need: three cans of tuna; two cans of chickpeas (I cook mine – I don’t have a reason why); 1/2 cup mayo – you can sub plain Greek yogurt; 5 stalks of chopped celery; 1 TBS garlic powder; 1/2 TBS dill; 3 TBS relish (my favorite is Wickles Jalapeño Relish – it’ll change your life) – mix it all together & chow down.

Here’s the Wickles Jalapeño Relish! You can also find it locally at Mama Jeans.

I threw my chickpea tuna salad on a GF bun and inhaled this entire plate in maybe three minutes…SO good. I can’t wait for Jake to try it.

I have been majorly slacking in home projects…I have needed to paint these two doors for about three months now. I am FINALLY doing it. I got them all sanded and wiped down last night, so I’ll get two coats on the backside of each today. That is my goal! Jake is finishing up some dry wall/mud work in our dining room, then I can start painting that room. Slowly but surely we are finishing projects…

I am currently reading this book – The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett. It is really good! I wasn’t sure at first, but now I can’t put it down. I should be able to finish it today. I can’t wait to do a round-up for you of all the books I’ve read in June. : )

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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