Loving this podcast + the bun life + our grass!

I have got to get to the store today to grab some bananas. Our oatmeal needs them.

I think I mentioned the other day I have been listening to the Office Ladies podcast during my morning walks with our girls. I LOVE this podcast so much. Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) break down each episode of The Office and share fun personal details and fun anecdotes. The podcast was voted Podcast of the Year in 2021 by iHeartRadio. It’s so so so good. If you enjoyed The Office, check it out. You can find their website HERE.

I waited about 30 minutes longer than usual to start our walk…it was crazy how much hotter it was! I am ready for a TINY bit cooler weather…but I’m not complaining about the sunshine.

The only way I will survive this summer without chopping off my hair is to live happily in the bun life with a hat. Also, peep my library card. I think the library is tired of seeing me. I have been there just about every other day, either picking up a new book or dropping off one I just finished. This will be the summer of ALL the reading. I love it.

This lunch is the bomb.com. Recipe HERE. This chickpea tuna salad is so light and refreshing…it’s the perfect summer lunch.

Jake and I ran some errands yesterday and then decided we needed vanilla malts from Steak ‘n Shake. Definitely not dairy-free, but they were delicious. We got smalls, which actually only filled half these cups. We weren’t sure why they gave us such large cups, but the malts were tasty. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten ice cream.

Post malt family nap before Jake went to work. Rhea was very excited when we all crawled into bed. She plopped down right between us. Lu wasn’t in the mood to cuddle, so she stuck to the end of the bed.

My aunt is here in town for a few days, so I met her and my parents for a quick dinner last night. We went to La Paloma and I had the ceviche – one of my favorite meals. I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone. That’s how you know it’s good! ; )

Guys, we have grassssssss!! Wahoo! Not a ton yet, but it’s starting to come up. You can see a big patch of it over by our neighbor’s tree. We were so worried it had gotten fried with all this heat we’ve had. Next week is supposed to be a little cooler, so we are hopeful it will continue to grow.

I started this book last night. I only had time to read the first chapter, but I LOVE it so far. I don’t get to say that about many books, so I’m hopeful this will be a good one.

I was up most of the night with two sick pups. We have no clue what is causing it, and they seem much better this morning, but one or both was up about every hour getting sick – both ends (sorry for the TMI). I will keep an eye on them today and see how they do. I am going to make some white rice for them to eat here in a little bit, but shoot, it was a looooong night. Poor Rhea definitely had the worst of it. By about her 8th time of throwing up, she would just look at me with the saddest look in her eyes. It just about made me cry. I hate not knowing what is making them sick. I am throwing their food away and a couple new toys they’ve been playing with – that’s really all I can think of that may have cause the upset stomachs. Our fence is down in our backyard, so we have been taking them outside on their leashes, so there’s no way they have gotten into something in the yard. Praying last night was the worst of it!

Happy Friday, friends!

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