Recliner sleeps + we finally got a tree + 30 weeks!

Since we moved our old bedroom set into my office, this is Lulu’s favorite spot to sleep during the day when I am working. It cracks me up because anytime I have a meeting she is right in the view of my laptop, so anyone else in the meeting gets to see her cute little face.

Our power went out Wednesday morning, so I had Panera breakfast delivered to the house since I wasn’t sure when it would be back up. Thankfully, Jake called the outage in for me and it was back on within an hour.

We have started organizing and decorating in the nursery. We still have a ways to go, but we had this cute little shelf in our storage unit, so I figured we could use it in the nursery instead of buying a bookshelf. I think it works perfectly.

Sometimes food sounds good and sometimes it doesn’t, so I am just trying to eat semi-healthy when things don’t sound good. Dinner the other night was a tortilla with chicken, provolone cheese, and barbecue sauce. I tried to get some veggies in on the side, but didn’t end up eating very much of them. Jake ended up getting called into work for a little bit, so I worked around the house while he was out doing his thing.

While I waited for Jake to get home from working Wednesday night, I took a break from the house projects I was working on to snack on some frozen grapes and watch Pretty Woman. I couldn’t remember last time I had seen that movie and it was so good. I love Julia Roberts.

One of our sweet neighbors always brings the girls treats. One time I walked out and she was giving them chicken nuggets, HA! They love her so much.

This is what most days look like right now (not that much different from my norm…HA!). I’m either in workout clothes or sweats, rocking slippers, and frantically trying to catch up on laundry or other house projects.

Yesterday, one of my big projects was to clear out our master bathroom. This cabinet was full, so it took me a pretty good while to clear it all out and reorganize it in another room. I know we are going to be so happy when these bathroom remodels are all finished. It did feel good to get all of the stuff that was in this cabinet cleared out.

The girls and I did a little bit of relaxing while waiting on some laundry to dry. This is the recliner I have been sleeping in when my carpal tunnel gets really bad in the middle of the night. The other night it helped to be able to sleep in a more upright position, but last night it did not help at all and my carpal tunnel kept me up most of the night.

One of our Christmas traditions is to pick out a real tree together. We were late getting one this year, so we ended up going to Lowe’s. The place we usually buy from was already sold out! So crazy. We got to Lowe’s and found the perfect Fraser Fir. We are excited to let this bad boy settle and then start decorating.

We keep the ends of all of the trees that get cut off and we plan to make ornaments out of each of them. I think this is our fifth tree together. Oh wait, we didn’t get one last year since we were just moving into our house in the middle of a major remodel, so this is our fourth tree. I have the bottoms from all of them saved.

Nothing sounded good for dinner, so I made a smoothie and a cheese rollup. Jake chowed down on some leftovers and then we knocked out some small projects around the house. We are getting ready to turn off the water to our two bathrooms on one side of the house, so once that happens things are going to be a little crazy around here while we remodel those bathrooms. This week has already felt much busier than normal, so I am ready to get these bathroom remodels out of the way. I think these are our last major projects and then we will be able to slowly knock out a few more things. We really want at least one of the bathrooms finished before the baby is here, so we are on a little bit of a timeline. If it doesn’t get done, thought, it won’t be the end of the world.

Speaking of baby, Cooper is 30 weeks today! I cannot believe we only have 10-ish weeks left in this pregnancy. The time has gone by slowly and quickly at the same time. In a few more weeks, I will do another little wrap-up for my Baby Bradley page.

Happy Friday, friends!

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