Weekend Wrap-up: Complete with trail time + meal prep + sleeeeeeepy

Rewinding to Friday, the girls and I headed over to my parents’ house to hang out with my mom for a little bit because she had a colonoscopy that morning and needed to be monitored for 24 hours after having anesthesia. I had some oatmeal and coffee while I waited for my parents to get back home.

These two were excited to spend today at their grandparents. They immediately got out all of the tennis balls.

After spending the day with my mom, the girls and I came back home and knocked out a little bit of work around the house. Poor Jake ended up working 32 hours straight because of the crazy storms over the weekend. I ran through the Panera drive-thru for dinner and I could not believe how crazy the rain and wind was. I was so thankful to get back home and to be inside our house.

We woke up to a beautiful morning on Saturday, so we headed to Two Rivers Bike Park for a fun Trails Sisters and Hoka event. Since Rhea had torn part of the pad on one of her paws, she hadn’t been able to do anything active all week. She was so so excited for some trail time now that her foot was completely healed.

We had so much fun trying out different Hoka shoes and getting all kinds of fun swag.

After our trail time, I grab groceries for the week and came home to start on a little bit of meal prep. Our lunches this week are a Mexican bake which is so delicious. This has tortillas, a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey, taco seasoning, green chilies, black beans, and cheese. I love making casseroles because they’re so easy to portion out.

Here’s the recipe for the Mexican bake. Pro-tip: make extra and freeze it.

Here are Jake’s lunches for the week. I added small salads to the side of his Mexican bake portion.

I also made a batch of Monster Cookies, which are my favorite cookies of all time. I shared the recipe HERE.

While I was doing my afternoon kick counts with baby boy, Lu jumped up on the couch and wanted some cuddles. I think she and Rhea are getting excited about their little brother being here soon.

Our friends, James and Amber, had this blanket made for baby boy. It is our first item with his name printed on it and we love it. The one side is a super soft fleece and says Cooper and the other side has some really cool lineman prints. Jake was over the moon excited about this gift. Thank you, James and Amber! We love it so much.

Jake and I grabbed a quick dinner out Saturday night when he got home from working such crazy hours. We went to The Rock and I had one of their fit bowls.

Jake said his goal was to try and stay awake until 7:30pm, so we put a movie on. That was not our best idea. Within five minutes, Jake was out. He did make it until 7pm, so I think that helped keep his sleep schedule stay a little bit more regular. I don’t know how he works through the night like he does. I am not a person who functions well on little to no sleep. Rhea obviously missed her dad because she stood like this and stared at him for a long time.

Lu made herself a bed in the pillows on our couch. I only lasted until 7:30pm, before calling it a night and crawling into bed myself. Jake and I both slept 12 hours. HA!

It is kind of hard to telling pictures, but this is what my hands look like when I wake up in the morning – so swollen and I can’t straighten them. My carpal tunnel is still causing me lots of issues, but I made an appointment with a physical therapist for Monday morning. I have high hopes that they will be able to help relieve some of the numbness and pain.

Breakfast Sunday morning was bacon, an egg and mushroom mixture, and biscuits with jelly.

After breakfast, I finished up with meal prep for the week. I made two breakfast casseroles, one for us to eat on this week and one to freeze. These have biscuits, egg, sausage, cheese, and mushroom. They are delicious.

After meal prep, I hung out with my family for a little bit, then came back home and knocked out some things around the house. I took a break for lunch and had a piece of the Mexican bake. It is so good. I like to top ours with plain Greek yogurt and salsa. I am also craving orange juice all the time right now, so we are going through that like crazy.

We celebrated Jake’s grandma’s birthday last night and had dinner at his parents’ house. After all of this deliciousness, we all watched Yellowstone together. Sunday evenings have become my favorite because of Yellowstone. I’m so sad there’re only three episodes left in the season.

This is my last full week before winter break, so I have tons of computer work to knock out. Finals are due this week so I have a bunch of grading that needs to happen. Final grades are due to the University by noon on Thursday. After that point, I will officially be on break. I can’t wait!

Happy Monday, friends!

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