Back at it + that was tough + some of my favorite Amazon finds!

Just a girl, at work yesterday for the first time all week, with a mouth full of smoothie.



FINALLY + an easy recipe for you + exciting custom gear!

I stayed home from work again Tuesday. I woke up feeling a tiny bit better, but I was still far from feeling healthy. I wasn’t achy anymore, so that was a huge plus. I slept until 9AM, which I couldn’t believe. I’ve been getting a ton of sleep, which I think has helped me heal. Jake made smoothies for us for breakfast, so I sipped on mine once I got up.


Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, this weekend definitely didn’t pan out how I thought it would. But that’s okay! I literally spent all of Saturday and Sunday in bed. I ate nothing but cereal, some yogurt, and cheese bread. I had very little appetite and just felt super blah. I was thankful I was able to do absolutely nothing and just take time to let my body heal.

Friday morning started with a smoothie and coffee at school. I’ve been adding chocolate milk to my coffee occasionally and it’s the best idea I’ve ever had.


Bike when you can’t run + how we are budgeting + Friday!

We had a data day at school yesterday with some of our teachers, so we had lunch catered in from Honeybaked Ham. It was delicious. Twice a year, we hold these data days with our teachers to go over ALL of the data. We look at MAP test data, other assessment data, attendance data…all that kind of stuff. After we discuss the information, we give teachers an hour or two to work together on their next couple of weeks. Yesterday went really well and I think our next one, which is on Monday with the other half of our teachers, will go really well, too.


“Snow day” + productive & lazy? + delicious elk!

Our “snow day” yesterday consisted of a lot of sleet. That’s about it. We got snow for MAYBE an hour total all day. It was just off and on and I was so bummed. I wanted a big snow! Jake got to come home for lunch, so we ate together. That was really nice! We had our chicken and black bean quesadillas with a little potato salad and tortilla chips on the side.


Weekend Wrap-up!

What an awesome weekend! We relaxed, spent time with family, got long runs/rides in, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl!

Friday morning started with one of my comfiest sweatshirts and a little bit of Starbucks coffee. I don’t love Starbucks coffee, it always tastes a little bitter to me, but I had a gift card and there is one close to school, so I splurged on Friday.


Never stop learning + mean teacher + Ragnar & Trail Sisters Springfield!

Jake and I have both loved these vanilla chai smoothies, but we agreed that they have not kept us as full as other smoothies we have had. I think even just adding a little bit of peanut butter helps keep us more satiated than if we don’t have that in our smoothies. We both said that we have been hungry by mid-morning and that wasn’t the case with our smoothies last week. Goal for next week – go back to a more filling smoothie.