Weekend Wrap-up: treadmill tips with a baby + 5 months + 30 miles for week!

This little dude rocked his sloth onesie for his aunt. Aunt Chelsea loves sloths, so Coop has a lot of sloth items.

Weekend Wrap-up: not the weekend we wanted + being sick is the worst + all the snuggles

We did not have the weekend we wanted, but we got lots of relaxing and family snuggles in, so it wasn’t all bad. Jake and I have both been dealing with some terrible allergies and over the weekend, it turned into bad sinus infections for both of us. Our weekend was spent being miserable, taking medicine, and praying that Cooper didn’t get it. We are both feeling better today and he seems good so far!

We have fox in our neighborhood and I love seeing them in our yard. This one was playing on the logs in our backyard Friday morning.

Booby pop + I need to do this more often + making Papa Jeff proud

Coop loves this activity center. We got it at Target. It says it’s for six months and up (Coop is four and a half(, but his neck is pretty strong and he’s getting so close to holding his head up completely on his own. We make sure he’s only in this if we are close by.

Lu update + girls’ night + naps & snuggles

We went back to the vet on Wednesday to check on Lu’s progress. The leg that they repaired (the one she broke the repair on) has healed very well despite her breaking the repair. We are thankful for that because we thought she might need a second surgery on that leg. Unfortunately, the leg she hurt initially is not healing. It doesn’t seem to be causing her any pain, so we are trying to decide if we want to go forward with a surgery on that side now. I can tell she is so ready to be out of confinement and back to playing with us. If she has surgery, it’s another two months of confinement… Jake and I are going to talk about it this weekend and decide what to do.