Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Our days were full of relaxing, exploring, good food, Lu’s birthday, remembering those who have served our great country, and celebrating our anniversary! Friday started off a little bittersweet as a I went to school for the last time to turn in my keys, my school-issued device, and my name badge. My principals were both there when I went by, so I stayed and chatted with them for about an hour. I am definitely going to miss my Westport family! My full-time job is now a college professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Eek! I am SO excited.


Since Friday was my first official day of summer, I decided some relaxing was called for. The girls and I crawled into bed for a nap. I couldn’t fall asleep, so we watched a little bit of The Office and cuddled.

Around 3PM, I decided a beermosa sounded good, so I made one! This is Trop Top, a citrus pale ale from Mother’s that we love and a splash of OJ. So good.


Dinner Friday night was cauliflower and mushroom risotto, topped with ground beef and a little teriyaki sauce. This dinner was DELICIOUS. I want to remember this one.


After dinner, I finally got to try out my anniversary present from Jake – my compression recovery sleeves. WOW. These are amazing. Jake got us THIS pair and I am SO impressed with them. They’re on sale right now, too!

They make you look like you have marshmallow legs once they are completely inflated. You can choose the pressure level and how you would like the air to fill the chambers. They’re pretty amazing!


Saturday morning was supposed to start with a 17 mile run, but my legs just wouldn’t cooperate. We ended up stopping at 13.5. It was a rough morning! All of us were feeling sluggish, so maybe it was the humidity or maybe our bodies were just worn out. Who knows! I know we all have runs like that, so we just learn from them and move on! I was excited about parking in the 22nd parking spot…22 is my favorite number. So that was a highlight of the morning! HA.


After our run, Jake mowed and I cleaned the house, then we loaded up the girls and went for a long walk. They loved it. Saturday was Lulu’s 7th birthday, so we spoiled her a little extra.


When we got home from our walk, we decided to trim some of the hair on Rhea’s tush. Jake did it because he is WAY better at that stuff than I am. Rhea didn’t seem to mind, but I cannot look at her butt without laughing. It looks a lot better, but it’s hilarious – it looks like a baboon butt or something. Haha!


Galloway, one of our favorite places, opened back up this week, so we went there for dinner Saturday night as an early anniversary dinner. HOLY YUM. My heart was so happy being back there.


Sunday morning, we slept in a little then headed downtown for brunch. We went to Gailey’s, which was phenomenal. I was craving a waffle, so that’s what I had. It hit the spot.


After brunch, we went home, changed into our riding gear, and hopped on our bikes. I have to braid my hair super low so it will fit under my helmet. Thick hair can be such a pain sometimes.


I think Jake tried to kill me on Sunday. We did my longest ride ever – 32 miles, and it was HARD. We rode some super hilly farm road and a little bit of gravel. I love all of it, but I was definitely wiped out toward the end. My helmet isn’t fitting correctly, so I am getting a new one today! I think it’s because of my dang hair…


The second we finished our ride, I took of my sweaty stuff and inhaled my leftovers from Galloway. I was SO hungry. I also had some chocolate milk, which hit the spot.


I missed the camo memo, but these cuties rocked it. Kayla and Wade had a few people over for a BBQ Sunday night and the food was AMAZING. Plus, I got to see lots of my favorite people, so it was a wonderful night.


Monday morning, we slept in, grabbed breakfast, took a nap, then headed out to do a little wheeling in Lola (my Lexus GX). It was a blast. We spent most of the day in Chadwick, riding around the trails there. Jake’s parents and our friends Jesse and Cassie all joined us in their Jeeps, too! It was so fun.


I cannot believe we got married TWO years ago TODAY. Our wedding day was one of my favorite days. You can read all about it HERE and HERE. We spent 3 incredible days in Colorado with our families. We all stayed in one massive house together, which made everything SO fun. Jake, marrying you was the best decision I ever made! Thank you for being my best friend and always pushing me to be the bets version of myself. No matter how many times I fall (literally and figuratively), you’re always here to help me back up. I love you!

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

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