Weekend Wrap-up!

What a productive weekend. Only one more weekend until we move! GULP. We know everything won’t be finished when we move in, but that’s okay. Over the weekend, we finished painting the hallway, entryway, my office, and our guest room (which is where Jake and I will set-up until we finish the bathroom in our master bedroom). We also got the first coat of primer on the kitchen walls and started mudding imperfections in the living room. We are making HUGE progress! Before heading to the house Friday, I made wraps for us for lunch – Jake and his Dad were already over at the house working.

I went to the gym then met the guys over at the house. We worked on Friday until 3/4 (I think…all the days are running together), then I came back to the apartment, packed three boxes, ordered food, and crawled into bed. I slept for almost 11 hours, which was amazing.


This made me laugh. SO true. Dogs and wine have always been part of my life.

Proof. This was my view Friday night.

Saturday started with breakfast, coffee, and doing the last coat of paint on our trim and the first coat of our paint on all the walls! All. The. Painting. My hand hurt so bad when we finished on Saturday. This is the paint we are using for our walls. It’s called White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It feels so homey. We love it.

It was dark outside when we finished, so I couldn’t get the best pictures, but here’s the hallway!

And my office. I want a super cool light fixture in here…

Jake and I grabbed a quick dinner out Saturday night, then went home and crawled into bed.

I skipped my run Saturday because I just wasn’t feeling it. I almost skipped again Sunday because of the same reason. I got THIS hat from rabbit and put it on for motivation.

I finally decided that I would run on the treadmill while I watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That worked for motivation! Plus, my Mom promised me breakfast and mimosas…she gets me!

I ran next to this picture of my Dad from high school. He’s just chowing down on a burger.

I ran while I watched an episode of Grey’s, then it was mimosa time!

My Mom made the most delicious egg casserole. Thanks, Momma!

Aaaand she sent me home with cookies. It was the best start to a Sunday! I love being so close to our families. We are only 10 minutes from my parents and Jake’s mom and step-dad. . And only 1/2 a mile from Jake’s dad and step-mom! It’s awesome.

After breakfast, I packed up a few boxes and the girls and we headed over to the house. Each time I go to the house, I take 2-4 boxes with me. That way, on moving day, we don’t have as much to haul.

We thought we would need a second coat of paint on the walls, but when we got to the house and saw how good everything looked, Jake’s Dad and I decided the walls didn’t need another coat. That was exciting because we were able to save 4 hours and move onto something else. Jake’s Dad started mudding the walls in our living room and I worked on getting the kitchen ready for primer and putting on the first coat of primer. Have I said how thankful we are for all of his help and knowledge? SO so so thankful. One of our sweet neighbors brought by this poinsettia because he thought we needed some Christmas decor while we worked. How sweet is that??

Here are before pictures of the kitchen walls…I need to find some when it was wallpapered. HA! I hadn’t started priming them, but that white paint was old from before the walls were wallpapered.

And after! This is just the first coat of primer, but it already looks so much better.

Jake met us at the house when he got off work, so he and I went to Lowe’s to get an idea of light fixtures we like. I had planned to cook dinner, but we were both hungry and lazy after Lowe’s, so we grabbed dinner out, then parked it on the couch and started watching the Queen’s Gambit. It’s SO good. We are both loving it. Rhea was indifferent…

Things feel a little chaotic right now. I am ready to get moved so we can just be in one place. Soon! We are making lots and lots of progress, which is amazing. It has come SO far from when we bought the house in August. You can see some of the before pictures HERE and HERE. I have TONS of before pictures. I will do a post with all of them soon.

Happy Monday, friends!

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