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Back at it + that was tough + some of my favorite Amazon finds!

Just a girl, at work yesterday for the first time all week, with a mouth full of smoothie.

Boo + just me & my girls + all the carbs!

Today is the best day! I woke up FINALLY feeling a little bit better. I’m still home from work, but I think this will be my last day of feeling so terrible AND I will go back to work tomorrow. Yesterday was filled with more time in bed and all the cuddles.

Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, this weekend definitely didn’t pan out how I thought it would. But that’s okay! I literally spent all of Saturday and Sunday in bed. I ate nothing but cereal, some yogurt, and cheese bread. I had very little appetite and just felt super blah. I was thankful I was able to do absolutely nothing…

Weekend Wrap-up!

What an awesome weekend! We relaxed, spent time with family, got long runs/rides in, and the Chiefs won the Super Bowl! Friday morning started with one of my comfiest sweatshirts and a little bit of Starbucks coffee. I don’t love Starbucks coffee, it always tastes a little bitter to me, but I had a gift…