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Meals on the go + organization station + out of school forever!

Meals on-the-go are the best meals. I slept in Monday morning then headed to a dentist appointment with my Dad (he’s a dentist here in town.) ´┐╝HERE’S his website. He’s the BEST.

A cute throwback + robe life + weekend fun!

I can’t remember when we went back to having smoothies for breakfast, but I love it. They’re so easy to sip on while I work in the mornings at school. Plus, now that we are prepping the dry ingredients ahead of time, they’re SO much faster to throw together in the mornings.

Playlist fun + Lola + adulting & organizing!

My Mom just sent me this picture from Eleanor’s birthday party. I’m probably teaching her all about the most important things – good beer and dogs. Jake and I got her that little dog that is next to her. It makes noise and there’s a string so she can pull it behind her. I told…

Crazy hair…+ three weeks! + colorless dinners

Here are our breakfasts, snacks, and lunches for the day! This week, we are having apples and carrots for a snack. Jake is also having almonds and I have cereal. Dry cereal is my weakness, so I like to have it as a mid-morning snack after my smoothie. It hits the spot.

Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was full of family time, long runs, and relaxing – all of my favorite things. I shared the link to the hot air hairbrush that I love so much and I cannot wait to hear what you ladies think. It really is the best thing!