Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 12th: The day before retrieval! Since my retrieval was early Thursday morning, we decided to head to St. Louis Wednesday afternoon. I had just gotten back from Tulsa Tuesday afternoon, so it was a lot of traveling for me that week. We packed, loaded up the car, and hit the road! I was so happy Jake was going to be at this appointment with me!


We had a little date night in STL, then went to bed early. I couldn’t eat or drink anything prior to my retrieval, so I slept in as long as I could. I knew I would wake up craving coffee. I woke up a little bloated and SUPER crampy. I’m not sure if I was starting to ovulate or what, but the cramps were the worst they’ve been this whole time. We had to be at the clinic at 8AM for my 9:15 appointment, so I threw on sweats, grabbed fuzzy socks, and we headed to the clinic.



There were all kinds of super sweet and encouraging notes in the room I was in. I loved reading through all of them.


Just filling out more paperwork! I’m so thankful Jake was able to be in the room with me.


All done! The retrieval went great! Dr. Aubuchon came and said hi to us. We chatted with my coordinator. Then the anesthesiologist walked me into the room where they would be doing the retrieval. I laid down in a bed, put my KNEES into stirrups, and then was strapped down. The nurses in the room were wonderful and made everything feel calm and laidback. We joked back and forth and they teased me about having my legs strapped into the stirrups. They let me choose the music, then Dr. Aubuchon came in, the anesthesiologist rubbed my arm and starting injecting the medicine into my IV and the next thing I know, I am being wheeled back to Jake in the room we had been in before the procedure. He snapped this picture the second I was wheeled in. My coordinator said she kept laughing at me because I was way more lucid than the other patients. She asked me how it went and I replied, “I survived” and she goes, “Do you know who you’re talking to right now?”…I laughed and said, “Christina!” She got a kick out of it. I did tell Jake the same story a few times, but for the most part, my retrieval was WAY better than I was expecting. I was told they retrieved 9 eggs! They were going to call us the next day to tell us how many were mature and could be frozen. We didn’t fertilize my eggs immediately after retrieval because we are doing egg banking, but most couples (doing a normal IVF cycle), will fertilize eggs right after the retrieval.


Each woman going through an IVF cycle has the option to have a cycle buddy – someone to talk to, send a care package to, that kind of stuff. My cycle buddy left my package at the office for me, so I got it the morning before my retrieval. She gave me all the best things!


I got a shirt, a comfy throw, a new coffee muff, a tumbler, socks, pain meds, and peanut m&ms – my favorite candy!


I had mailed her package a few days prior – I gave her these sock, this shirt, and a few other things.


After my retrieval, Jake and I grabbed breakfast at iHop, then headed back to our hotel so I could rest. I laid in bed and sipped on coffee. Other than that, I felt fine. I was shocked. I had heard horror stories about girls being in bed for days following their retrieval. Maybe I felt better because they didn’t get as many eggs? I don’t know. Jake and I were both sitting in bed, doing nothing, when we looked at each other and asked if we should just go home. We both said yes. We were closing on our new house the next day and since I felt okay, there was no reason to stay. So, Jake packed up the car and we hit the road!


It was SO nice to be at home. I honestly felt pretty good the entire day of my retrieval. We got home, Jake picked up dinner, then his parents came over to see us. Jake’s birthday was the next day (the same day we closed on our house), so we kind of celebrated that a little bit. I set alarms to take pain meds every three hours like my doctor had prescribed. I was alternating between Tylenol and ibuprofen.