Baby Bradley – Our Journey

June 22nd, 2021: Woof. The nausea has started, friends. I spent most of the day in bed feeling pretty sick. I love this picture of the girls. I wonder if they know they’re going to be big sisters?

Little bro, how you doing?

Tell me you’re newly pregnant and going to dinner at your neighbor’s house without telling me you’re newly pregnant and going to dinner at your neighbor’s house? HA! All the Sprite Zero. My life saver right now.

June 23rd, 2021: Our very first ultrasound!!!!! I wasn’t supposed to have my first scan until Friday (6/25), but I had some spotting and cramping, which made me nervous, so I got in for an early scan. I am SO thankful we did because it put me at ease. We not only saw a yolk sac and gestational sac, which is all they thought they’d see since I was only 5 weeks 5 days, but we also got to see our baby! It was amazing. We also were able to see some heart  flutters, which made me cry. It was the best day. At first, the tech said she couldn’t see the baby. My heart dropped into my stomach. But after a little searching, she found him and said he looks perfect. He is snuggled up between the yolk sac and my uterus, so it was hard to get a good picture of him. Maybe that means he’ll be extra cuddly. ; ) Baby Boy, we already love you so much! I spent the rest of the day in bed feeling pretty sick, but I will be sick every single day if it means we bring home a healthy baby boy.

June 24th, 2021: The nausea is still going strong. I have found that if I can eat something about every two hours, that it really helps. I am also going through A LOT of Sprite Zero. I had this meal about 9:30AM…chicken nuggets and tater tots. Mmm.

Veggies do not sound good right now, but I know they make me feel better, so I am trying to get them in however I can. I made a smoothie for dinner and hid some veggies in all kinds of chocolate goodness. It helped! I also had a bean and cheese burrito about two hours after I polished off this smoothie…

June 25th, 2021: I am 6 weeks today! We got to have another ultrasound – the one today was the one that had been originally scheduled. I probably could’ve canceled it, but I’ll take any excuse to see our boy. I am so glad we went again because we couldn’t get a read on baby’s heartbeat on Wednesday, but we got one today! He is showing a heart rate of 111 at 6 weeks, which is right on track. He had also grown a little bit since Wednesday, so he’s doing everything he should be. <3

June 26th, 2021: Wow. Week 6 knocked me on my butt. I have been nauseous every single day. Not throwing up, thank goodness, but pretty miserable and spending most of my days on the couch or in bed. No healthy foods sound good, so all I’m craving are carbs. Cereal, pastries, bread…I usually eat mostly veggies, so I know eating foods I don’t normally eat are probably adding to how I feel, but I’m trying to eat often, so it is what it is! Whatever I can eat and will stay down is what I’m going to choose. I have eaten a lot of cereal in bed.

I haven’t bought a bunch of stuff, but I knew I would get this onesie and these shoes after our first ultrasound. I won’t order anything else for awhile, but I couldn’t pass these up. I think we will use them in the picture we take to share our news.

Another delicious snack – grahams and peanut butter.

I have been eating so many pizza rolls. SO. Many. They just sound so good. Sprite Zero is also still my best friend.

June 30th, 2021: I made a quick run to Target to get some face wash that doesn’t contain salicylic acid (a no no for pregnant women) and all the carbs. My cart was full of cereal, salt and vinegar chips, donuts (which I inhaled in the car), and some frozen chicken strips.

I had one of the most miserable days on June 30th. I cried. I didn’t move from bed. I inhaled an entire pot pie…it was a rough day.

A woman in one of my IVF groups shared that the combination of B-6 and Unisom (taken together at night) helped her nausea. I was willing to try anything. I checked with my coordinator at our clinic about taking this. I got the green light and was SO hopeful it would help. Since Unisom is a sleep-aid, you want to take this at night. I woke up Thursday feeling way less nauseous! I was so relieved. Praying it continues to cut down on the extreme nausea…

More pizza rolls, mac and cheese, and Sprite Zero. Yes, please. I could eat mac and cheese for every meal.

July 2nd, 2021: I am 7 weeks today! We got to have another ultrasound and see Baby Boy, who is growing just like he should. His heart rate was 129, which is right where it should be at 7 weeks.

My app says my uterus is now double its normal size, but I’m not really showing yet. This is mostly just bloating, but I still wanted to document. My whole body feels bloated right now.

With IVF pregnancies, momma and baby are monitored A LOT, but I don’t mind at all. I love our weekly ultrasounds and I hope we keep having them, though, I imagine they’ll move us to every other week fairly soon. Only 3 more weeks of meds and working with our clinic…I will graduate from the clinic at 10 weeks, which is CRAZY to me. I am not ready. At all. I think I will definitely be nervous when the time comes to stop working with our clinic. In the past year, I haven’t gone more than a week without talking to either our doctor or our coordinator…

After our ultrasound, I went to the gym, then snacked on some cereal in the car after my workout. I am learning the importance of always having food with me. Plus, the meds I am now taking (Unisom and B6), have helped with my nausea SO much. I feel like a new person. I am so SO thankful something helped. I was also cleared to lift again, which has been amazing. I am taking it easy and modifying, but it is nice to be back in my normal routine. Still no running. The knots from my shots are pretty painful when I run, plus, I’m just not feeling like it, so I may go the next 7 months without running, which is okay. Running will be there for me when I’m ready.