Baby Bradley – Our Journey

July 2020: It’s happening! Jake and I had our consult via video call on July 2nd from 2:30-3:30. First, let me just say that Dr. Aubuchon is wonderful. She was easy to talk to, answered all of our questions, and really focused on us. She pulled up the medical records we had sent to her, talked us through everything, then told us what she thought would be our best bet. IVF. We were both hoping we could do IUI first, but considering my endometriosis and low follicle count, she was nervous that doing another laparoscopy (I had one in 2015 to get rid of my endometriosis), could damage the follicles I did have. She gave us the run-down on IVF, gave us some resources to look over, and scheduled a time for us to speak with the financial person at their office the next week. We told her we would think about IVF and hung up from her feeling as good as we could. It was definitely a little overwhelming. I cried a lot. Jake cried a little. We sat on the couch and hugged. Adoption was (and still is) on the table. We were up in the air on what we wanted to do. We were thankful we had the financial talk scheduled and that we had some time to think and talk with one another.

On July 6th, we had a phone call with the financial person in Dr. Aubuchon’s office. This conversation made us feel good and when we got off the phone, we decided to jump into IVF. Crazy, right? We had a total God moment while speaking with the financial person. We had the exact amount of the procedure saved in Jake’s HSA (Health Savings Account). We just felt like that was a sign. We had both been praying about what to do and we felt like we were being pulled in this direction. So, on July 6th, 2020, we decided to undergo IVF. We emailed the financial woman at the office, and she immediately sent back paperwork for us to sign. It all happened pretty quickly. We got into an August cycle, so we will begin our baseline work on July 27th. Due to my endometriosis, we will freeze our embryos, so we most likely will not implant anything until October, as long as everything goes according to plan.

I think we are both feeling all of the things. I am nervous, excited, scared, anxious, and basically everything else. I told Jake I couldn’t stop smiling – it feels like it’s finally happening. We are both definitely excited and hopeful, so we are praying and crossing all of our fingers and toes.

I started reading these books.