Baby Bradley – Our Journey

May 11th, 2021: I had my first major mess-up with meds on the 10th. Oh man. It was bad. I read my flowsheet wrong. I thought I started transfer meds on the 10th, when really I was supposed to start them on the 15th. I took two of my Estradiol pills before realizing it, then had a blood test and ultrasound that same morning. My estrogen level was high since I had taken the pills. Ugh. I told the clinic what I had done and they told me to stop all meds and have another blood test on Thursday. If my levels didn’t go back down, there was a chance this cycle would be canceled and our transfer would be moved to July. I was so upset with myself. I had NEVER messed up meds before. It was a hard few days. I spent Monday through Thursday chugging water, trying to flush my system.

Each time I get new instructions from the clinic, it looks like this. I then call and schedule these appointments. Sometimes I’m in awe of what IVFers are in charge of. I have ZERO medical background, yet, I am in charge of scheduling appointments, ordering meds, drawing up the correct amount, mixing meds, and administering meds…no wonder IVF is such an ordeal.

The meds I will start out with – Estrogen pills and the patch. Bring on the nausea and headaches.

Ultrasounds and blood work – this was my baseline appointment to see where my levels were. My lining was 2.15mm at this appointment. I had also JUST started to get back into shape around the time of this appointment. It’s crazy what a year of IVF can do to your body. It had been a nice few weeks not being on any hormones.

All. The. Supplements.

These are the supplements I’ve been taking every day. I recently added L-Arginine and Bromelain.

May 14th, 2021: The results from my blood work came back and my Estrogen level dropped back down, PRAISE, so we are good to continue moving forward with our possible June transfer. I was so relieved when I got this message from our clinic.

May 15th, 2021: I started meds today! I know how terrible Estrogen makes me feel, and that’s what I started taking today, but I smiled as I took the meds because it’s one step closer to transferring one of our babies. I don’t mind feeling awful when I know that. Back to both pills and patches for estrogen. These are used to thicken my lining, which I had issues with for our mock transfer. I’m on 4mg of Estradiol pills and 0.1mg patch right now. I’m assuming at my next appointment on the 24th that they will bump me back up to 6mg, which is what they did last month. Here’s the patch. I have to put it super low on my belly or it won’t stick for the three days that it needs to.