Baby Bradley – Our Journey

Because I don’t want to ever forget these messages, here are some of the sweet messages we received from friends after telling them about our loss. We are blessed to have these people in our lives.

“Chels I’m so sorry, this can’t be easy for you guys. Lean on each other for support – that’s what gets me through the darkness. Praying constantly for you. It will get better – Love you two.”

“Oh Chelsea. We’ve been praying. Thanks for letting us know. Take care of yourself, take care of Jake, take care of each other. Feel your feelings, be sad. None of this is easy. But…you will be parents. Maybe not 9 months from today. But one day. You will. Love you guys ❤️”

“Woke up still thinking about you guys. I’ll be praying for healing during this really hard time. I wish there was something I could do or say to help. Just know you’re definitely on my mind. ❤️”

“Checking on you today! Love you very much and if you need anything today please just let me know.”

“Omg Chelsea 😭 my heart breaks for you guys! I’m so sorry friend sending you guys so much love and hugs. Can I bring you anything?”

“Oh guys I’m so sorry. You guys have been through so much. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys.”

“Guys, I don’t know what to say besides I’m so sorry! To be honest I’d gotten my hopes up as well ❤️”

“😞 I can’t imagine. I’m really really sorry. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Even if it’s just a night out to take your mind off things.”

“Noooooo Chelsea 😩 I am so sorry. Do you need anything??? Girl I have been thinking about you both thru this entire process. Keep your head up! (I know I have know clue what you two are going thru and that might not be the right thing to say but seriously you two are so strong and I am going to keep hoping and praying for you guys) love you both and if u need anything seriously reach out. Please!”

“Awe man…I’m so sorry. I have been thinking and praying for you since you told me. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you and Jake 😘😘😘😘😘 love you friend.”

“Ugh Chelsea, I’m so sad to hear that. I don’t know if this will get to you on your laptop but if you want to go for a walk or get coffee or anything tomorrow let me know!”

“I’m sorry.  I don’t even know what to say.  I’m sure you are just so sad and processing it all.  I’m here if you want to talk.  Or if you want to not talk.  I hate that this is the journey for you but I know there is light at the end of this, whenever that is.  Love you both.  Big hugs. 😘😘”

“Ugh hate this for you.  But life teaches us weird lessons.  Not sure what this one is, but you will learn and grow from it.  Hang in there sister.”

“That’s our same mindset. ‘Lean not on your own understanding but trust in the lord and he will direct your path.’  It’s a good anchor.”

“Oh my goodness Chelsea, I’m so sorry. I know not much I say will make things feel better or change what you’re feeling, but know that I’m sending all the good vibes and prayers your way right now. Love you very much.”

“Just thinking about you this morning. I hope you’re doing ok. I’m so proud of you, love you big!”

From my Momma:

“Yes. I feel the pain and I had hoped neither of you girls would ever experience infertility so it’s hard to know how you are suffering. But we have an advantage that a lot of people don’t have because we do know the joy of adoption. With our faith, we are able to look beyond our own wants and desires and look and submit to what unique plan God has for us.”

“Yes. That seems to be grief. You never know when it will hit. I’m really missing my Mom because I just want to call her and cry to her about what’s happened to you. It makes me cry telling you this. They say a Mother’s death is the first time you grieve without her and so grieving this for you without her makes me grieve both for you and for her. If that makes sense. So here I am crying for her and for you.”

“I’m glad you have the journal and want to read it. You’ve invested so much in this IVF dream for a child/children and it didn’t happen.  You are grieving the loss of all of that. But the dream is not completely over. There’s still hope down different paths. STILL it’s important to let yourself grieve. You invested so much emotionally into this.”