Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 18th: I FINALLY started to feel like my bloating was going down yesterday. It’s amazing how a little bit of bloating can make you feel so crummy. On August 17th, I received all of the dates for our next egg retrieval. I feel like a pro with this portion of everything already – this second round will be the exact same as the first round.

I have my first appointment for my Baseline labs and ultrasound on September 1st. I then have STAT Friday (more labs and another ultrasound) September 11th. Cycle Day 9 and Cycle Day 10 are August 14th and 15th. I already have the cutest little Airbnb booked for that trip. I will find out on the 15th when egg retrieval will be. It will most likely fall on my birthday (the 17th) through the 21st. I am not looking forward to the bloating again, but I’m thankful it’s the last time I have to go through that portion. When we do egg retrieval, they will fertilize all my eggs, then we WAIT. We wait and wait to see how many eggs fertilized. After fertilized, our embabies will be tested for any abnormalities. I know this portion of everything will be stressful, so I am thankful we have the new house and the remodel to focus on!

Things I am currently wondering/thinking about: will my eggs already be bigger from the drugs last time or will we be starting from scratch? Will we implant one or two embabies? Will I be able to stay calm and positive after the transfer? Maybe that’s an excuse for lots of massages…Will we have a baby this time next year? How hard will it be to get back into running? I miss running. SO much.