Baby Bradley – Our Journey

September 19th: My second and final egg retrieval – thank goodness! We got up around 6:45AM Saturday morning. I showered, then we headed to the clinic for my retrieval. This appointment was a bigger one than the retrieval last month because we fertilized all of the eggs this time! We were both nervous about that.

I was super bloated and feeling very ready to get this retrieval over with.

Jake was off to do his part! Everything went great and he was back before my procedure.

The procedure went well! They got 8 eggs this time (9 eggs last time). Since we fertilized them on Saturday, we would be getting a call Sunday with how many fertilized. I kept telling Jake that on Sunday, we would have babies. That was such a crazy thought! Here is the timeline of what would be happening after fertilization.

All I wanted after the retrieval was an IC Mocha from Panera. I had been craving one for about a month, but told myself it would be a treat after the procedure. Apparently right after the retrieval, when I was still loopy from anesthesia, I kept telling the nurse that I was getting an IC Mocha. HA! I was pretty excited about it. As soon as Jake and the nurse got me loaded up into the car, Jake took me to the closest Saint Louis Bread (it’s not Panera in STL). This was delicious. I slept for about an hour or so on our drive home. I had a tiny bit of bleeding this time – I didn’t have any bleeding last time, but other than that, it seemed pretty similar to my last retrieval.

We got back into town and I told Jake I wanted a pumpkin beer. We headed to Galloway for lunch.

By Saturday night, I was super bloated and having terrible gas pains. I think that’s the worst part. The gas is awful. I was almost in tears a few times.