Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 20th, 2021: Here’s my first trimester wrap-up! If I could summarize the first trimester in one word, it would be WOOF. The past 14 weeks have been pretty rough, but I am thankful for the awful symptoms because it means baby boy is growing like he should. I have been thankful to not be getting sick, but I have pretty consistent 24/7 nausea, which isn’t fun. The nausea is definitely my worst symptom. I have gained more weight that I thought I would in this first trimester, I think about 10-12 pounds, but I was so miserable early on that all I could do was eat carbs and carbs and more carbs. I am trying to embrace this changing body that is growing a human and be as active as possible. Some days I crush it, and some days I don’t move from the couch. Balance, right?

Here are some pictures of our sweet guy – this was week 8.

This was week 11. It’s amazing to see the growth each week. We were blessed to have weekly ultrasounds from week 6 until week 13. It was incredible.

Selfies with my favorite little guy. <3

These are from week 12, when I went to my OB’s office for the first time. I still haven’t seen my OB (that happens early next week), but I am very excited to see her. I haven’t seen my OB since last July when we did an HSG and she told me we needed to do IVF.

After my 12 week scan, I came home and sat in awe of the miracle that is happening. These pictures show our baby from 24 hours of life, up to 140 hours (the collage), to the day we thawed him to transfer, and then the 12 week scan. God sure is amazing, huh?

Here’s baby boy at week 13, which was my last ultrasound at the Woman’s Clinic, which is where I’ve been going each week since week 6. It was bittersweet to end our time with them, but it also means we are getting closer to meeting our guy and for that, I cannot wait!

Look at those long legs!

There’s his spine. I am in awe each week of what we are able to see developing and growing.

What most of my days look like…all the puppy cuddles. <3

Here are some weekly pictures from week 4 to week 13 – I am 14 weeks today, but haven’t taken a picture yet. I am definitely super bloated, but my belly is starting to get harder, so I think I have a tiny baby bump starting. I feel like my arms and legs are starting to balloon, but I’m just going with it. I am hoping that as the next few weeks hit, I’ll be able to go back to eating more vegetables AKA my normal diet. All that has sounded good the past few months are carbs, so that’s what I’ve been eating. The weight gain isn’t easy, but I know it’s just going to continue from here on out, and if it means our little guy is healthy and growing, that’s all I care about!

Hello, second trimester! Please help my nausea lessen. All my fingers and toes crossed. And most importantly, thank you, Jesus, for this miracle baby boy!